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Recall: PT Domusindo Perdana Drop-side Cribs


On 2013-03-26, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a recall regarding PT Domusindo Perdana Drop-side Cribs due to a potential entrapment, strangulation and suffocation hazard. This product sold new beginning in January 1998 for about $200 to $400.

About 70,000 units are involved in this JCPenney crib recall. Learn more and find out what to do if you own this product below.

This was the 1st recall of products in the Cribs & Toddler Beds category in 2013. Since 2005, there have been approximately 80 similar recalls, involving about 12 million product units.

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PT Domusindo Perdana Drop-side Cribs
Image of Recalled Jenny Lind Crib 059600
Image of Recalled Christopher Crib 119768
Image of Recalled Sleigh Crib 605428
Image of Recalled Early American Crib 529560
Note: The recalling company may not have provided images for every model. Please review the detailed description below.

Company Contact Information:

Phone: (800) 827-2129

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What is the problem?

The cribs' drop sides can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to fall out of position, creating a space into which an infant or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped, which can lead to strangulation or suffocation. A child can also fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents can also occur due to incorrect assembly and with age-related wear and tear.

Special note regarding all cribs: New safety standards for cribs went into effect on June 28, 2011. In addition to a ban on the traditional drop-side, there are new requirements for stronger slats, hardware and mattress supports, as well as new rules for more rigorous testing. Although older cribs were not automatically recalled, it is now illegal to sell cribs that do not comply with the new laws. Furthermore, consumers should not plan to give away or donate cribs purchased before June 28 , 2011 unless they have actual knowledge (such as a letter or certificate from the manufacturer) that the crib complies with the new laws. For more information, please visit our blog post with FAQs about cribs.

How can I tell if I own this product?

This recall includes 14 models of PT Domusindo Perdana wooden drop-side cribs. The name, model number and date codes are printed on the plywood mattress board.  

Model #           Date Code
343-1509   Jenny Lind Crib   01/1991-12/1997151
343-3810   Christopher Crib   2001151
343-5500   Early American Crib   01/1998-12/1999151
343-6771   Scottsdale Crib   01/1998/12/1999151
343-7100   Sleigh Crib without Rosette   01/2004-12/2006
343-7134   Sleigh Crib   01/2001-2/2004
343-7144   Anniversary Sleigh Crib   01/2002-12/2004
343-7753   Kristin Crib   01/1998-12/1999
343-8249   Cameron Crib   01/1998/12/1999
343-8020   Solid Panel Sleigh Crib   01/2001-12/2002
343-8070   Roll Bar Convertible Crib   01/2004-12/2005
343-8155   Anniversary Convertible
Sleigh Crib
343-8200   Spindle Convertible Crib   01/2001-12/2005
343-8913   Bella 3-in-1 Crib   01/2005-12/2008

These items were sold new+ at and the JCPenney catalog from January 1998 through December 2008 for between $200 and $400.

What should I do if I own this recalled product?

First, stop using the item.

Then, add the item to a free, private Items I Own account. This will enable you to easily access the CPSC and recalling company's remedy instructions as well as track your progress toward getting the item returned or fixed. Click "I Own THIS Item" to continue.

The CPSC provides the following remedy information:

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact customer service at Modus Furniture International to get a free immobilizer kit that will immobilize the drop side. The immobilizer kits will be available in May 2013. In the meantime, parents are encouraged to find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed depending on your child's age.

Modus Furniture International at (800)827-2129 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's website at and click on the Recall tab for more information.


Incidents & Injuries Reported as of Recall Date

CPSC and the firm are aware of three incidents involving drop side rails that malfunctioned or detached. No injuries were reported.

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+WeMakeItSafer cautions consumers that recalled items may have been acquired at different locations, prices and times than specified in the CPSC recall announcement. This is especially true for items purchased in online marketplaces, resale shops or yard sales. More information may be available at


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Sources may include: Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Health Canada and companies involved with this or a related recall.

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