Halloween Related Product Recalls – Make Sure Your Decor and Costumes Are Safe

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If your family is anything like ours, Halloween decorations and other paraphernalia get packed back into boxes or bins and pushed to the depths of the garage within a day or two after the trick-or-treating comes to an end.  The plastic witches and candy-collection pails then stay in their out-of-sight–out-of-mind state until, well, now – the week before the next Halloween night.

Unfortunately, while we all were on to the next holiday, some of those Halloween items many have been recalled without our knowledge.  Therefore, as with anything that has been in storage for a while, it is a good idea to make sure nothing has been recalled for safety reasons before using it again.  To help with this task, I have pasted below pictures of all the Halloween-related products I could find that have been recalled within the last ten years.  If something looks familiar, click on the image to go the corresponding CPSC announcement for more information.

As you view the items below, keep in mind that many costumes and decorations have a long useful life.  Even if the item is new to you, anything you may have purchased in an online marketplace, garage sale or thrift store,  as well as items you received from a friend or family-member, may be several years old.  Do not discount the possibility that you might own an item just because the date makes the recall seem irrelevant.  It is worth a quick peek.   When you are finished, you can read about other Halloween safety tips here.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Related Product Recalls


Halloween Basket Pumpkin Halloween Basket Witch

Halloween Basket Bat
Halloween Product Recall

Halloween Candy PaleHallween Teeth

Glass Pumpkin Candle HolderGlass Pumpkins


Halloween Cape

Halloween Costume Dracula Cape
Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head


Halloween Decor Candle Tree
102508 Halloween 06517bJack-o-Lantern Candle Holders
Halloween Moon Lantern

More recalled Halloween products on next page.  Please continue by clicking the link below.


Beaded Pumpkin


Ghost Candle Holder

Pumpkin Candleholder

Whitch Hat Candle Holder

Haunted House Decor


Pumpkin Light

Halloween Ghost

Jack-o-Lantern Candel Holder


Princess CostumePrincess Ariel Costume


Halloween Tealight


Vampire Cape
Witch Wisord Broom
Halloween Eyeball


Halloween Balls

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