WeMakeItSafer Releases Consumer Product Recall Statisitcs

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CPSC Recalled Product Units 2004-2008 By Calendar Year

Use Google or any other search web site to help you find “recall statistics” and you get a very limited list of web sites that provide useful information. Searches for other keywords like “product liability statistics,” “product safety statistics” and “recall data” yield similar results.

The new 2004-2008 WeMakeItSafer recall reports include these interesting facts:

  • Although 2004 had the fewest recalls in this time period, it had the largest number of units recalled because of one anomalous children’s jewelry recall of 150 million units.¹
  • 61% of recalls are NOT for children’s products.
  • In almost every industry, the frequency of recall announcements occur with some display of seasonality.
  • Almost $7 billion worth of products in the Computers & Electronics category were recalled.

Who knew? Well, nobody knew because analyzing recall data to make meaningful conclusions has been almost impossible until now. At WeMakeItSafer, we spent the last three years cleaning and reorganizing Consumer Product Safety Commission recall data. We also use the recall data in conjunction with other data to provide valuable insights into how recalls are affecting businesses.

The recall data have been analyzed and segmented to make understanding complex recall data amazingly easy. Each report includes charts and discusses topics such as:

  • Recall effectiveness and implications for unrecovered recalled products
  • The overall dollar value of products affected by recalls
  • Prevalence of hazards that the recalled products could cause, for example lead poisoning, choking and falls
  • Timing of recalls over calendar years
  • The number of incidents reported (with and without injuries) relative to the timing of recalls
  • Much, much, more…

WeMakeItSafer has created seven comprehensive recall information reports:

  • Overall Recall Report: All Product Categories Combined
  • Children’s Products
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Hardware, Tools & Building Supply
  • Home & Garden
  • Sports, Outdoors & Recreation
  • Motorsport & Utility Vehicles

Whether you are a company executive trying to better understand recalls, an insurance professional assessing recall risk, a recall specialist looking to identify important market segments or an investor trying to assess the impact of recalls on businesses, these reports and our individual company reports will be crucial to your successful navigation of the recall landscape. We can also customize our research and reports according to your needs, giving you meaningful insight based on recall data.

For more information and to purchase reports, please go to our Recall Statistics and Reports page, or our Company Reports page. For specific questions, please contact us directly at Reports@WeMakeItSafer.com.

¹ WeMakeItSafer’s calculation of units is taken from numbers reported in recall announcements. These figures do not match numbers reported by the CPSC in annual reports. The CPSC has told WeMakeItSafer that it does not track the number of recalled units reported in announcements but has not yet responded to our request for explanation of the calculation methods for its annual reports.

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