WeMakeItSafer Launches “Items I Own” to Protect Consumers from Product Recalls

February 13, 2011 — By

Yes, it’s true.  We have removed the private registration code requirement on Items I Own.  It is FREE and available to the public here:  http://WeMakeItSafer.com/ItemsIOwn.

What is Items I Own?  It is an incredible tool for consumers, schools, hospitals and childcare facilities that checks belongings against past recalls, then monitors them for future safety problems.  Why incredible?  Because nothing with as much computing power or as user-friendly a design has ever existed before.

We built Items I Own to address a serious problem – low recall effectiveness rates.  “Recall effectiveness” refers to the percent of recalled products that are either returned or fixed.  Historically, that number has been very low for recalls issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), around 10 to 30 percent, on average.

There are many contributing factors to the low recall effectiveness rates, but most often, consumers simply do not know that something they own has been recalled.

The organizations that are aware of the recalls – manufacturers, the CPSC, large retailers – generally do not have contact information for the product-owners, and product-owners often do not think to check with those organizations to determine if their items have been recalled.  Even if they wanted to, checking hundreds of items against thousands of recalls simply isn’t a feasible solution for consumers.

Items I Own fixes this problem by gathering recall information from manufacturers and government agencies and matching it to information about a consumer’s belongings.  Because the information available from each of the parties is almost always inconsistent, complex mathematical equations are used to assess the likelihood that the recalled product and the item owned by the consumer are the same.

In addition to safety monitoring, Items I Own offers a convenient way to manage other product-related tasks, such as tax deductible donations and insurance claims.

There are so many features that we think you are going to love.  Click here to take a quick tour.

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