How Many Pacifier Recalls?

April 5, 2011 — By

There have been relatively few pacifiers recalled over the past several years, approximately 21 since 2003. While that may seem like a lot, considering the pacifiers’ frequency of use and intimate contact with the youngest of babies, along with the fact that there have been more than 1,100 recalls of children’s products over the same time-period, it is a bit surprising that there have not been more.

Today’s recall of Pampers branded pacifiers was the first of 2011.  You can see a list with images of pacifiers recalled since 1999 in our Recall Gallery here.

Historically, most pacifier recalls in a given year have occurred in July.  Not a statistically significant fact, but interesting nonetheless.  Also interesting, of the recalls since 2003, only one brand has been recalled more than once, Jaloma Pacifiers.  Jaloma pacifiers were recalled in 2004 by importer Natura Products Downey,Inc., and a very similar model was recalled in 2009 by importer Gromex, Inc.  In both cases, the pacifiers were made in Mexico.

With regard to today’s recall, Pampers was neither the importer nor the manufacturer, but licensed their brand to be placed on the pacifiers.  We’ve started a discussion about this over in our new “What do you think?” section:  Should Brands be Responsible for Products they Don’t Make? Head on over to add your thoughts and see what others have to say.

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