WeMakeItSafer Brings Product Safety to Facebook

May 6, 2011 — By

If you have been keeping an eye on WeMakeItSafer’s facebook page recently, you have probably noticed that it has become much more interactive.  We have added several pages (a.k.a “tabs” in facebook speak) that enable you to access many of your favorite WeMakeItSafer tools directly from within facebook.

Now, you can keep up with the latest recalls, fill out safety registries, take a tour of Items I Own and learn about our latest tools, right on facebook!

Keeping your friends safe is easier now, too.  Our Latest Product Recalls tab includes “Recommend” buttons on every recall, so if you see a product that your friends might own, you can click “Recommend” to quickly share the recall information with them.

Just like on our site, you will also find “I Own THIS Item” and “I Own a SIMILAR Item” buttons to help you determine what to do if you own a recalled product or something similar.

Please visit our facebook page and click “Like” to help spread the word about these useful new tools. Also, we would love to hear what features you would like to see added next! You can tell us right on our “wall” or send an email to info @ WeMakeItSafer . com.

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