Make Any Month Baby Safety Month: Quick Checklist

September 30, 2011 — By

Huh? Over already? September went by in a flash, but you can make any month Baby Safety Month! Your quick calendar of to-do’s is below.

There are a LOT of safety tips out there, many of which you probably already know. Our goal this month was to provide information and tips that you may not have heard before or might have forgotten. The tasks are designed to be quick and simple, but have a big impact on protecting Baby.

Thank you to everyone who shared these tips with their friends; please continue to pass along this list.

Baby Safety Month Day 29 Task: Review, print and share this checklist.

Hint: Need some tweet juice?  Each task is short and has a link; perfect for tweeting! Follow @WeMakeitSafer for more tips, too.

We also want to send out an extra special bit of gratitude to these contributors for helping us provide you with superior safety information and tips on chemical exposure during the last week of Baby Safety Month:
Pure Natural Diva
The Soft Landing

Last but not least, don’t forget to submit your safety tips as part of our WeMakeItSafer Cute Kid Cover-page Contest. Your kid and safety tip could appear on our homepage, plus the winner will get over $500 worth of really great prizes. What a fun way to help make the world a safer place!


Make Any Month Baby Safety Month: Quick Checklist

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

Check Crib for Recalls

Register Your Crib

Get Assembly Instructions

Check Screws and Joints

Move it!

Clear the Wall

Empty the Crib
Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14

Check Your Plants

Move Baby Monitor

Guard Your Windows

Secure Electrical Cords

Keep Open Doors Open

Check Safety Item Recalls

Anchor Furniture
Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20 Day 21

Remove the Non-Toys

Pack Backups

Look into their Eyes

Visit the Toy Gallery

Do Some Weeding

Don’t  be Mr. Fixit

Inspect the Box
Day 22 Day 23 Day 24 Day 25 Day 26 Day 27 Day 28

Download GoodGuide Toolbar

Be BPA Aware

Mind Your Car Seat

Check the Color of Baby’s Food

Bust the Dust!

Get Cookin’

Register Baby’s Stuff!
Day 29 Day 30

Share Your Safety Tips with Others!

Review, Print & Share this List


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