Protect Baby: Be Aware of BPA

September 23, 2011 — By

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in making polycarbonate plastics, a material that packs a lot of benefits; it is light-weight, strong and heat-resistant. Unfortunately, new studies show that BPAs could be harmful to humans, especially young children, babies and unborn fetuses.

Until more research can be completed, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommends that families limit their exposure to BPAs. We caught up with Tania Reuben, founder of, who had these helpful tips for limiting BPA exposure:

  • Canned foods are one of the biggest sources of BPA exposure – with so much of the exposure on this topic focusing on plastic containers, this fact can get overlooked. BPA is used in the epoxy liner of most canned foods, so be sure to limit the use of canned goods as much as possible.
  • Glass and Stainless steel are the safest and most durable container options. Be aware that some metal water bottles are lined with an epoxy-based enamel coating and could leach BPA.
  • If you are a nursing mom, be aware of potential exposure in your pumping system and be sure the storage you are using is BPA-free.

Thank you, Tania, for providing this important information! More helpful tips for protecting the whole family can be found in Tania’s blog post on BPA exposure.

Baby Safety Month Day 23 Task: Read Tania’s post to become more BPA-aware.

Baby Safety Month –  Week 4 Checklist: Chemical Exposure

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