Register Baby’s Gear for Recall Alerts

September 28, 2011 — By

You cannot shield them from all of life’s dangers. "Items I Own" helps you protect them from those you can.

Baby Safety Month is coming to a close, but we promise to go out with a bang. Today, we’ll be talking about how to protect Baby from product recalls, and tomorrow? Well, we have a big announcement planned for you, so be sure to like us on facebook so you are among the first to hear. Then, on Friday, we’ll be wrapping it all up with an awesome recap and a handy printout.

Now, for today’s tip.

WeMakeItSafer was founded by Priyanka Reddy and Jennifer Toney, two women who dedicated their graduate studies at UC Berkeley, and the past few years of their lives, to finding a solution to the problem of ineffective recalls. What does that have to do with you and Baby Safety Month?

Well, the reason Priyanka and Jennifer were so determined to find a solution is that thousands of people, mostly children, are unnecessarily injured or killed each year because they don’t know that something they own has been recalled. Product safety information simply does not flow from manufacturers to the consumers who own the recalled products in an efficient manner.

Items I Own is the solution. It is the first and only free, private, simple-to-use system where parents (and everyone else) can register all of their belongings in one place without fear of marketing and junk-mail. It is also the only system capable of checking your belongings against the past eleven years of recalls in addition to monitoring for new ones daily.

In honor of Baby Safety Month, use this Baby Product Safety RegistryTM to get started quickly. It gives you a super-fast way to register some of the most commonly recalled baby products all at once. Please take five minutes right now to protect Baby from unnecessary recalled-product related injuries.


Baby Safety Month Day 28 Task: Register Baby’s Stuff for Recalls


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