Some Say Re-Gifting is Tacky, but Could it Also be Dangerous?

December 1, 2011 — By

It’s been in your closet for almost a year – that blender that your husband’s Aunt Hilda thought you’d love. It is a nice blender, but you already have one that happens to be bright red to match your kitchen décor.

You’re now exhausted, tired of shopping and need one last thing for your son’s teacher. Light bulb! You can give the blender to the teacher. Problem solved! After all, you heard her saying that she could really use a new blender now that she’s on a smoothie kick.

Some say this is tacky, others say it’s acceptable. Since the blender is new, in the box, and the teacher wants one, we say it’s a great way to go. Economical. Environmentally friendly. How could you go wrong?

Here’s how.

While that blender was hiding out in your closet, it was recalled. 7 people had been seriously cut due to faulty blade assembies. YIKES! Not a very nice gift after all.

recalled chefmate blender

Recalled products can remain on store shelves right up until the time they are recalled. That means, if something has been in your closet for more than a few weeks, or even a few days, there’s a chance it could have been recalled.

There is a simple way to be sure it is safe, though. Just enter the item into your Items I Own account. The system will check it for the last 10 years of recalls (after all, who knows how long Aunt Hilda had it!). Once you’re sure the gift is safe, go ahead and pass it on.

Since “Items I Own” will keep monitoring for future recalls, here’s an added tip: once you’ve given the item away, click “Transfer” next to the item in your account. You’ll be able to enter the email address of the person you gave it to. When he or she accepts the transfer, the product details will drop to his or her “Items I Own” account so any safety alerts will go to the appropriate owner. PLUS, to reward you for helping out your friend, you’ll earn some Safety Points. Cool, huh?

Don’t worry, any sensitive product information you may have entered, like the price, name of that dollar discount store or “Got this from Aunt Hilda last year,” will NOT be transferred. That information will remain in your account (until you delete it) for your eyes only. We got your back!

So, go on, let the Re-Gifting… um, we mean… the Environmentally Responsible and SAFE Gifting begin!


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