WeMakeItSafer: 2011 Year in Review, A Time for Thanks!

December 31, 2011 — By

This is our favorite time of the year.  It is the time when we get to pause and look back.

All year long, we run full speed ahead, working long days, long nights and even longer weekends, to get just one more feature, one more task, one more email and one more blog post completed.  We have so many things we want accomplish for you, our users, readers and supporters, that the list of To-Dos grows longer and longer with each passing day.

By the end of the year, it is easy to look at the list and immediately begin planning how we will continue to blaze the trail and race even faster than before. But today, we pause. We reflect. We give thanks.

2011 was a groundbreaking year for WeMakeItSafer.  It was the year we morphed from a start-up with a lot of big ideas to a young company, turning those ideas into reality.

In the winter, we built a simple Facebook app  to help spread the word about product safety, and hundreds of you used it to do just that. With the app, you shared WeMakeItSafer with nearly one-thousand of your friends. Thank you!

During the spring, we released Items I Own, our product safety registration tool for consumers, from private beta.  Shortly thereafter, we released Simply Check, a tool for sellers of secondhand items to check for recalls. Since then, nearly two-million products have been checked and monitored for recalls. Thank you!

Over the summer, we built tools to help consumers give away unwanted items on social networks with the confidence that what they are passing along is safe.  Additionally, Items I Own got a makeover, making item-entry and recall-information easier to navigate. For your patience, we thank you!

This fall, we built Safety Points, and asked our users to help us design a rewards program that would encourage others to register their belongings as well.  Safety Points Rewards was soon released based on your feedback, and so far, users are loving the added perks of helping themselves and others. Thank you!

Also this fall, we released the most comprehensive set of CPSC product recall data available anywhere. And just to make it fun (ok, and to make it super useful), we published the data as interactive charts. The feedback has been tremendous – Thank you!

Finally, this winter, we updated our Recalled Product Search tool and have been working on Version 3 of our Items I Own and Simply Check algorithms, which will be released shortly. We also have been working on new Simply Check features designed to better address the needs of retailers. Those, too, will be released very soon.  Again, it has been your feedback and willingness to help us test the system that led to these improvements, and we thank you!

In the end, there are a lot of numbers we can cite that are more impressive than the growing number of tasks on our To-Do list.   2011 has taken us from zero to some pretty impressive stats. We now have hundreds of twitter followers, thousands of facebook fans, tens-of-thousands of users, hundreds-of-thousands of monthly page-views, and millions of products checked, but the one number we are most proud of is this: Because of you and your efforts to check belongings and inventory for recalls, and your willingness to ask your friends to do the same, WE, all of us working together, have prevented an estimated 850 recalled-product-related injuries and deaths.  We cannot THANK YOU enough!

Happy New Year!

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