Please Meet our Advisors, The Safety Brigade

February 21, 2012 — By

WeMakeItSafer is, and always has been, a community effort. From day one, it has been our core belief that the problems surrounding product safety will best be solved when all of the stakeholders work together. The “we” in WeMakeItSafer does not refer to a company; it refers to all of us.

“Together, we can make the world a safer place!” is more than just a tagline; it is our guiding principal. Therefore, it is with great pride and immense gratitude that we recognize here, some of the many people who continue to help us build and grow WeMakeItSafer.

Our Advisors are key members of our leadership team, affectionately called The Safety BrigadeRepresenting each corner of “We,” from consumer advocates and health experts to manufacturers, retailers and technologists, these are the people who guide us as we work to fundamentally change the way companies and consumers connect.  For their advice and their tireless efforts in spreading the WeMakeItSafer message of collaboration, we cannot thank them enough!

You can read our Advisors’ full bios on our Team page, and we will highlight each in upcoming blog posts; but for now, we would like to introduce you to this amazing team.

Dave Kellogg

Customer Service, Marketing & General Management Expert


Deborah Gilboa, MD
Family Physician

Health, Parenting & Child Development Expert


Erin Naumowicz
Founder, LullabyOrganics

Green Living, Small Biz & eCommerce Expert


Hilary Karls
Sr. Software Engineer, Sociable Labs

Social Media Technology Expert


Jeff Moad
Executive Editor, Manufacturing Executive

Manufacturing Expert


Laurence Toney
Studio GM, Zynga

Consumer Internet & Game Mechanics Expert


Melissa Moog
Founder & CEO, ItsaBelly Baby Planners

Maternity, Parenting & Child Proofing Expert


Mike Smith

eCommerce, Retail & Reverse Logistics Expert



Nancy Cowles
ED KidsInDanger

Child Advocate & Product Safety Expert


Rachel Olsen
Founder & CEO, Best Mom Products

Marketing & Public Relations Expert



We would be remiss if we failed to mention that, in addition to these wonderful advisers, the number of interns, professors, developers, marketing professionals, bloggers, parents and friends who have had a hand in making WeMakeItSafer what it is today, is truly overwhelming. We thank them, too, for their time and support. From answering questions and helping us build tools, to tweets, blogs and facebook posts, we deeply appreciate everything you have done for us – Thank You!

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