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February 13, 2012 — By

We do a lot of really hard stuff at WeMakeItSafer – statistical analysis, computer programming, writing algorithms and proofs – but I think we all agree that our hardest task yet was choosing the winner of our Cute Kids & Safety Tips Contest.

We received DOZENS of entries, many of which you saw on our facebook page. For those who left comments, likes and tweets about the Pics & Tips you like best, we THANK YOU for your help!

If you entered the contest and were not selected as our winner, keep your eyes peeled around the site, as you may get to see your cutie pie featured in other ways… after all, these pics and safety tips are just too precious to waste!

Before we get to announcing the winner, we’d like to take a quick moment to share with you some of the wonderful SAFETY TIPS our cute kid parents and grandparents submitted.  They certainly show that the WeMakeItSafer extended-family is a smart bunch of folks who not only make cute babies J but who also care deeply about the safety of their children and YOURS.  We are so happy and proud to have given the community a fun platform where they could come together and share their wisdom along with their pride and joy.

Here are just some of the many tips (& cute pics) we received. Please check out our facebook page to read more.


Runners Up



When you think you’ve baby-proofed the house completely, you HAVEN’T! :) Let ‘em loose for an hour, and follow around behind them. They’ll show you what you missed!




Register your products! New recalls are announced every day and old recalls may have updates that require new fixes/repairs. If you don’t register, you are likely to miss this important info. (and you can do it all in one place at WeMakeItSafer)




Keep candle very much out of reach of little ones or away from places that can easily be knocked over.




Remember that small children will put things in their mouths. Inspect play areas for items that may become a hazard.




Always follow the warning labels on gear and toys even if they seem inconvenient or excessive-they are there to save lives.




Just because you put protective equipment on your child during sports doesn’t make them safe. Every year helmets, bats and other sporting equipment is being recalled. If you have a question you can always ask your coach first and better yet check out WeMakeItSafer for information on the products your child uses every day.


Do not put your pacifier on a string or ribbon to prevent accidental strangulation





Be sure older siblings understand how to properly use the baby proofing equipment in your house & know what they need to (not) do to keep baby safe.



Stella & Adina

Keep adult and kids fluoride toothpaste out of reach in a medical cabinet, not drawer so babies and toddlers get ingest it.




Currently our biggest safety tip is to put stoppers on the top of doors, because Thoren’s favorite thing to do lately is open and close doors, and we don’t want those little fingers getting pinched!!



And now, for our winner…. Drumroll please…


It’s ERIN!


We just love this photo. Have you ever been so happy about something it almost made you cry? We think Erin looks about that happy in this pic!

So what is Erin soooo excited about?  Her mom, Veronica, tells us that Erin was laughing at a dog passing by in the park.  Erin is a HUGE animal lover, so it fits that her mom’s safety tip is about how to make sure your pet loves your baby as much as your baby loves your pet (which is not always the case!)

Veronica’s Safety Tip:

Bring home something that smells like the baby from the hospital to introduce your pets to the smell. Then bring the baby inside the home, but always make sure to watch the animals, as some can get jealous of new babies and the attention they take away from the pet!

Super advice.  We (myself included) often think of pets as a member of the family but the reality is, pets are animals. Even if we believe they would never intentionally harm a child, they may instinctively try to protect their territory (and you) from this small invasion.  Best to ease them into it.

Congratulations, Erin (and Veronica), and thank you to everyone who entered! You made us smile every day.

Lastly, we cannot conclude our contest without once again thanking or prize sponsors. Please visit these sites and support these amazing companies.



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  1. Congrats to baby Erin and mommy Veronica – What a stinkin’ adorable picture! Abby is the same way – Her third word as a baby was dog, and she is such a little lover of anything furry :)

    Lots of little cuties on the list of runner ups too! Thanks for including Abby there!!

    • Ana Paula says:

      I second Meagan’s congrats to baby Erin and mommy Veronica. And thanks to WeMakeItSafer for giving maamam such high marks!

      Have a terrific Friday!

      • admin says:

        Absolutely, Ana! maamam products are so innovative – we think they’re awesome! Thanks so much for sharing them with us and supporting the contest. We had so much fun with it.

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much, Meagan. We LOVE all the pics and tips. Please keep the photos of Abby coming so we can watch her as she grows up. Such a doll!