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Last week, Encore Baby Registry posted a fabulous article on their blog about the importance of checking for recalls. Rather than just tell readers to register, Encore gave specific examples of some of the problems that registering products solves.  We have posted the first portion of their article here, with permission, and encourage you to visit their original post for the rest of this valuable information.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issues hundreds of recalls every year.  An important step in making sure you’re kept up-to-date about recalls that may affect you is to register the products in your home.  Here’s more information about why you should register your products and how to do it.

Recalls Take Time

It takes time for information about product incidents to filter to the CPSC and generate a recall, so a baby product that was not recalled when you looked it up last month may be recalled now.  Many recalled products were on the market for years before they were recalled.

Case in PointInfantino’s Sling Rider Baby Slings were recalled in March 2010 after three infant fatalities associated with the product were reported in 2009.  The sling had been available for purchase since 2003. [Editor's note: these slings were also re-recalled last month due to an error that allowed some to be resold after the recall.]

Recalls Can Evolve Over Time

Be aware of complacency after you’ve followed through with the corrective action prescribed by the manufacturer or the CPSC for a recalled product.  New instructions or actions to be taken may be issued as more data and incidents are reported.  A recall may also be expanded to include a broader range of products.

Case in PointPhil and Ted’s meToo high chair was part of a May 2011 CPSC alert, warning consumers to stop using the product.  The CPSC stated that Phil and Ted’s was not cooperating with a voluntary recall and the repair kit offered by the company was not adequate. An official CPSC recall was issued in cooperation with Phil and Ted’s in August 2011.  Consumers who had installed the original repair kit were advised to stop using the product and request a new, updated repair kit.

Read more about why checking for recalls is important and “How to” tips over at on the Encore blog.


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