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Millions of Strollers Have Been Recalled for Risk of Cuts, Amputation & Death.  Surprised?  Check Yours Now at

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Stroller Recall Fact Sheet

Over the 5-year period from 2007 – 2011:

22 Stroller Recalls were announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

5.5 million Strollers (aka “units”) were included in those stroller recalls.

639 Incidents of product failure were reported before recalls were issued.

50 Injuries had been reported at the time of recall, across all stroller recalls.

21 of those injuries were severe.

4 of those injuries resulted in death.

 32% of the stroller recalls cite fall as a hazard.

 27% of stroller recalls cite cuts or amputation, and

 23% cite strangulation or suffocation as the potential hazard(s).


Do you own a recalled stroller?

In most cases, recalled products have a simple fix or a refund available that will enable you to get a safe version of the product for free. Don’t take unnecessary risks; follow these simple steps to decrease the likelihood that you or someone in your family will be injured by a recalled stroller.

Step 1. Make sure your stroller has not already been recalled.

Step 2. Know if your stroller is recalled in the future.

  • Items I Own will check for new recalls daily, and email you if there is a recall, or
  • Register your stroller directly with the manufacturer.


Note on Statistics Shown: Incidents and injuries are rounded. One recall may cite several hazards.

If you require additional data on recalled strollers or other recalled products please visit our Product Recall Data section, where you will find many interactive charts and a custom-report request form.

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