Baby Planners & Recalled Baby Products – How Do These Two Go Together?

June 7, 2012 — By

Guest post by Melissa Moog, President, International Baby Planner Association

For many, the term Baby Planners isn’t familiar as it’s still a new niche the world is hearing more and more about. The definition of a Baby Planner is simply an expectant or new parent’s consultant on all things pregnancy and baby related carrying on through baby’s first year of life. You can find a more detailed description here: Baby Planner description. So, you may wonder how Baby Planners and recalls go together. Baby products are the common denominator between a Baby Planner and recalled baby products. A Baby Planner helps new parents stay aware of safety issues that may involve a baby product they’ve purchased or received as a gift.

This is one of the key reasons the International Baby Planner Association (IBPA) has partnered with  We want to help increase exposure of the importance in child safety surrounding recalled baby products.

As Baby Planners, we consistently assist busy, new parents in making sure they are filling out registration cards for baby products they own, and in the event that there is a recall, they will hopefully be informed. But to make sure, we also point them to’s recall finder on our Baby Planner websites  or point them to to determine if a product has been recalled.  It is such an important tool to have at your finger tips.

Most importantly, being aware of a recall could save your little one from injury or possibly even death because of a malfunctioning product. has made it easy and only a click away to determine if products have been recalled. Their robust tool also has the ability to monitor future dangers, allowing for parents to rest easy knowing they are up to date on recalled items. We realize thousands of children’s products are recalled and can cause injury and for this main reason we are very proud to partner with whose focus is to  keep our children out of harm’s way!

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