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We are happy to announce a special tool to help you find high-quality gifts from the safest brands this season – The WeMakeItSafer Holiday Top Picks Shop.

After more than five years of ongoing research, we have accumulated a LOT of data and knowledge about which brands have the best track record when it comes to safety and recalls, and we have decided to put it to good use.  Rather than just tell you about the problem-products and the items you should avoid, we are now tapping our databases for statistics on what consumers SHOULD buy.   The handful of brands that make the cut (less than 5%) have the opportunity to be featured in our Top Picks Shop.

How It Works

Brands do not pay to be in our Top Picks shop. In fact, some may not even know that they were chosen. We do all of our research independently. Once we determine that a brand meets all of our guidelines (more on that below), we choose a few products that current owners love and that we, the WeMakeItSafer team, either already own or would happily buy for our own friends and family.  These items become our Top Picks!

Our Tough Criteria

It is NOT easy for brands to become WeMakeItSafer Top Picks. Our team spends countless hours putting each brand through a rigorous set of filters. If it fails to pass even one test, the brand cannot be a Top Pick.

This is what we look for:

  • Compliance to safety standards.
  • No recalls or, if a recall was necessary, swift, transparent, and complete action.
  • No CPSC fines or penalties.
  • No unanswered safety-related complaints.
  • High customer ratings
  • Quality construction.
  • Commitment to safety AND a commitment to health, environment, education or other socially responsible measure.
  • Made in USA or Fair Trade (bonus)

Becoming a WeMakeItSafer Top Pick

Our team is constantly on the lookout for qualifying brands and adds more Top Pick products to the Holiday Shop every day.   If you know of a brand that you think should (or should not) be in our Top Pick list, please email us at info@wemakeitsafer.com . Be sure to give us the name of the brand and a link to the company’s website.  If you have a specific product in mind, be sure to tell us that, too.

Curious as to why a particular brand is or isn’t a Top Pick?  You can email us for answers to those questions as well.

We hope you enjoy the Holiday Top Picks shop and find it to be a useful tool for discovering great products.

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