2012 Recalls Cause Severe Injury and Death

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Many times, defective products with a safety hazard are recalled before anyone is seriously hurt. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. At least 89 injuries requiring medical attention and 9 deaths, 8 of them children, were reported with 2012 CPSC recalls.

The ten recalls with the highest number of serious injuries and deaths reported at the time of recall are shown below.  You can see the Top 10 recalls reporting any type of injury here.

Please check your products for recalls, and help prevent additional tragedies.


Top 10 CPSC Recalls by Number of Serious Injuries or Death Reported


#1 Bumbo Baby Seats
21 reports of skull fracture. 32 minor injuries were also reported.


#2  Slalom Glider, Playground Slide
16 reports: 15 fractured bones + 1 bruised spleen.


#3 Traveller Recreational Inner Tubes
7 reports of severe skin irritation or burn. 14 minor injuries also reported.


#4 Mother’s Touch / Deluxe Baby Bathers
5 reports: 4 skull fracture + 1 head injury requiring ER treatment.


#5  Chicco Polly High Chair
5 reports: 4 cuts requiring medical closure + 1 scratched cornea. 16 minor injuries also reported.


#6  Nap Nanny Infant Recliner, Baby Seat
4 reports of death. (Four deaths reported in 2012, plus one reported with a previous recall in 2010.)



#7   Tassimo Coffee, Latte, Espresso T Discs / Packets
4 reports of second-degree burn.



#8  Safety 1st Push ‘N Snap Cabinet Locks
3 reports of children needing ER treatment.



#9 Banzai Inflatable Pool Slides
3 reports of neck and head injuries, 1 resulting in death, 1 resulting in paralysis.



#10 Kolcraft Contours Options Three-wheeled and Four-wheeled Strollers
3 reports of fingertip amputation. 2 minor injuries also reported.




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