Cheap Products Aren’t the Only Ones that Get Recalled

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Consumers may hear a lot about the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalling inexpensive products like toys and toasters, but did you know that the CPSC is in charge of many high ticket items as well?  Everything from designer clothing and recreational vehicles to building supplies and security systems falls under the CPSC’s jurisdiction.  We were curious about just how much these recalled products cost on average.  This is what we found.

In 2012, the retail price of recalled products ranged from $0  to $100,000, with some of the most sought-after, high-end brands being impacted as fiercely as the makers of cheaper or lower-quality products.  The average price of the more than 59 million individual items that were recalled in 2012 was $123.

Below are the ten most expensive products recalled in 2012. To the left is a handy image you can share on pinterest to help bring awareness to the fact that ANY product can be recalled for safety problems, even those costing thousands of dollars.  Consumers are wise to check for recalls. They can also add belongings to Items I Own, which will check for past recalls, then keep checking for new recalls day after day.


Top 10 Most Expensive Products Recalled by the CPSC in 2012


#1  SolarBlend Roof Tiles
$15,000 – $100,000


#2 LEV II, Volant and Rise Residential Elevators
$16,000 – $26,000


#3  Hustler And BigDog Riding Lawn Mowers
$2,900 – $21,000


#4  Club Car Golf Carts and Hospitality Vehicles
$5,500 – $17,700


#5   Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
$10,500 – $14,500 (01-31-2012)


#6  Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
$9,000 – $13,500 (12-19-2012)



#7   Kubota Off-road Utility Vehicle
$12,900 – $13,200



#8  Polaris Pro-RMK Snowmobiles
$10,800 – $12,500



#9 Columbia ParCar Golf and Service Vehicles
$5,000 – $12,000



#10 Teryx Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles
$10,600 – $12,000



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