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June 6, 2013 — By

The Fourth Annual Health Datapalooza concluded in Washington DC this week with an impressive showing of consumer apps designed to help improve consumers’ health and wellbeing.  In this post we highlight some of the applications presented at the event as well as a few others we think could be useful.

Food & Health Recall Search.  Recently, WeMakeItSafer began covering recalls on food, drugs, medical devices and pet health supplies. Users can search for specific products or browse recalls by the cause of recall, for example, to see products recalled due to undeclared peanuts or salmonella contamination. You can find the search and browse tools here, or use a simplified mobile version just by visiting from your smart phone.







GoodGuide. The GoodGuide app instantly reveals whether products are safe, healthy, green and socially responsible while you shop. The app’s barcode scanning feature lets you quickly access GoodGuide’s science-based health, environment and social ratings for over 170,000 products. GoodGuide’s personalization features enable you to choose the issues you care about most – like nutritional value, safe and healthy ingredients, animal welfare, human rights, climate change, energy efficiency, and more. The app will then inform you whether products pass or fail on your key criteria.






iTriage. Check symptoms, learn about possible causes, research medications and more with the iTriage mobile app. The iTriage app also features My iTriage, a place to store personal health information and retrieve it on-the-go.









MyFamily. The MyFamily mobile app from helps you build a health plan for your family based on the priorities of the Affordable Care Act. You can quickly identify health priorities for each family member, put together a monthly calendar, and download your health records to share with your doctor.








iBlueButton. iBlueButton is the mobile embodiment of the Blue Button initiative to enable patients to easily access and share their health records with their physicians, anywhere and anytime. An award winning set of mobile apps working in tandem –one for consumers and one for healthcare providers, iBlueButton gives consumers easy, real-time and anywhere access to their Blue Button and other health records.



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