10 Ways to Secure Your Home on a Budget

September 10, 2013 — By

When it comes to home security, more is not always better – the best investments are on features you will use and defence against true threats. Here are 10 easy tips that can be implemented on the smallest of budgets and will increase your peace of mine and make your home safe.

1.    Apply Security Alarm Stickers to All Windows and Glass Doors

Even if you don’t actually have a security alarm, the warnings can help send potential thieves off to easier targets. The trick here is to install stickers on non-visible doors – most homeowners only put them on street-facing windows.  They’re more believable to a potential intruder if on a side window or back door.

2.    Secure Sliding Doors & Windows

Take measurements of any sliding doors and/or windows – especially those tucked away from street view – and head over to your local home improvement store.  You’ll find that you can likely pick up a piece of wood that will fit into the track will not cost more than a few dollars.  Saw the wood to fit and you’ve just doubled the strength of the door or window.

3.    Upgrade the Lighting in your Garden or Yard

Outdoor lighting solutions, even those that are solar powered and/or motion sensor triggered, have dropped significantly in price in recent years.  Keeping all areas of the garden and home exterior well lit is a simple way to upgrade the safety of your home.

4.    Trim your Bushes

While you’re fixing that exterior lighting, why not cut back some of those bushes?  Of course, a bit of privacy is nice, but make sure you aren’t creating the perfect place for intruders to spend some time breaking into your home undetected.

5.    If you Have an Interior Garage door, Upgrade the Locks

Most homes that have a garage with an interior door connecting the house and garage only have a weak door, similar to what’s probably on your bedroom or office.  Given how easy it is for many thieves to get through a garage door’s defences, this is often a weak point.  Interior garage doors should have a kick plate and a bolt lock to ensure that any thieves stay in the garage.

6.    Install a few Security Cameras – Dummy Ones, if you have to

A couple of strategically placed security cameras can do wonders for home security such as systems that are linked to remote recording solutions.  If you do a closed-circuit system, which just sends the video feed to a DVR hidden somewhere in your home – this is far less expensive, but if you’re on a shoestring budget, you may want to start with dummy cameras; even a modest budget can afford a couple of realistic cameras and if placed far enough from close inspection, burglars won’t know the difference.

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7.     Install a Kick Plate on Main Doors

If you have older doors that could possibly be kicked in by an intruder, you can pick up an inexpensive kick plate, which is essentially just a sheet of metal that you screw onto the interior side of the door and helps strengthen it from cracking when kicked.

8.    Upgrade any Old Locks on Doors & Windows

If you’ve got old locks on doors and windows that barely stay latched even when no one is tampering with them, it’s time to upgrade.  It’s a worthy investment.

9.    Check your Car Security

Many home burglaries happen because homeowners left their vehicles on the street and unsecured, leaving the burglar easy access to the home by simply opening the garage door from the car. Don’t leave anything in your car that could be used against you – or make a habit of parking it in the garage.

10.     Get Timers for Your Lights.

If you plan on being away from home often, it’s worth getting inexpensive timers for your lights and TV, giving your home the appearance that someone is home and preventing thieves from tracking your comings and goings too closely.

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