The Future of Home Security

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Home security systems have changed drastically in just the last 5-10 years; big changes in the accessibility of Wi-Fi and the low cost and ubiquity of mobile phones have been two of the biggest changes.  What is the next big game-changer in the world of home security? Here are 5 technologies to look forward to in coming years:

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Facial Recognition

You can skip remembering passwords and having false alarms triggered on your security system, when a camera at the door takes a picture of your face and compares it to what is in the system, ensuring only the people you know and trust are allowed access to your house.  Facial recognition technology has been rapidly advancing and lowering in cost – unfortunately, many of these gains are due to the global war on terrorism – and homeowners are going to benefit. Facial recognition will also go hand-in-hand with fingerprint and other biometric technologies to confirm that the person at the door is who they say they are.

RFID Chips

RFID, short for radio frequency identification, is a tracking system that started as a tool to help manufacturers track the whereabouts of parts and equipment, has now started to become a consumer tool.  Why would you want to use RFID chips?  Today, it’s more of a theft recovery device, as planning the RFID chip in your electronics can help police locate it, but in the future we’ll see more preventative aspects, such as putting RFID chips into your children’s clothing or bags, helping you know where your kids are – or even allowing security systems to automatically unlock the door for them.

More Advanced Smartphone Technology

Smartphones and tablet computers have made huge gains in the last 3 years as companies race to enable more mobile features for their security systems. Expect to see more of this as providers look to make more features readily available, such as allowing you to arm the system and turn on the dishwasher while also flipping on the TV to make it appear if someone is home. Or, perhaps you want to review live camera footage from your phone, zoom in on any problems, and then send a copy of the image to police to investigate. The technology is advancing quickly – we will not have to wait long to see what the industry dreams up.

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“Smart” Home Security Systems

One of the last, but most important trends, to watch for in home security is the “smart” home security system.  Most security systems these days are pretty straightforward – either your doors are open or closed.  Windows are closed or open.  The system alarm has been activated or not activated.  In the future, we’ll have smart systems, systems that know your house and your habits, and will be able to monitor for situations that seem unusual.  Temperature in the house seems too hot?  It will activate the air conditioner – and if the temperature continues to get too hot, it will call you and then the fire department.  Or perhaps the motion detector noticed someone was home in the middle of the morning, which is unusual – it alerts you right away and asks you if you want to see a video feed, make a phone call, or trigger the siren.

These four trends are just a few sneak peeks into the future of home security – lots of ideas we can’t even envision yet!



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