The Biggest Toy Recalls of 2013

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As you head out to do your holiday shopping this year, please keep this list of recalled products and related safety tips in mind.  The same information is also important when consigning, donating or passing down toys your family no longer needs.  Please share this post with your friends and family.

2013 Toy Recalls in Review

Small Parts Violations => Choking Hazards

Example of Small Parts Warning LabelBe on the lookout for small parts on toys like figures with accessories, and vehicles with wheels that don’t seem to be well attached. On stuffed and plush toys, opt for embroidered decorations rather than attached adornments.

When selling toys without their original packaging, consider printing “small parts” warning stickers to attach to the ziplock bag or hangtag.  If any part can fit through, or more than a very short ways into, a toilet paper roll, it deserves a label.  Sale-event hosts can print out a stack of these onto standard mailing labels to have at the ready for consigners when they drop off their items.

 List of Toys Recalled in 2013 Due to Choking Hazards

Super Strong Magnets =>Internal Injuries

Magnets, along with lead, were big news in toy recalls back in 2007 and 2008, and arguably one of the catalysts for Safety Act reform.  This year, strong earth magnets, sold not as part of a toy but as the “toy” itself, are the topic of controversy. The makers say the magnets aren’t intended for kids. The CPSC has argued that they are inherently dangerous to children nonetheless. Whichever way you lean, because these products have been recalled, they are illegal to sell.

Watch out for any strong magnets that are marketed as toys or could be mistaken for a children’s toy.  If they have not been recalled yet, they very well could be in the near future.

 Rare Earth Magnets and other Strong Magnets Recalled in 2013

Growing Toys => Internal Blockages

You might remember growing toys as small, compact sponges that expanded as they sat in water.  In recent years, the technology has gotten more advanced and those growing toys are made of water-absorbing polymers.  The problem is that they look an awful lot like gelly candies and are easy to swallow.  Once inside the body, they do what they were designed to do – grow!  This causes blockages that may need to be surgically removed.

Water Balls and Other Growing Polymer Toys Recalled

Defective Mechanized Toys => Fires, Lacerations and… Hearing Loss?

We’ve seen remote controlled helicopters recalled many times in the past due to overheating and fire hazards and, while we were all sad to see the beloved Snoopy Snow Cone machine on the recall list, that one wasn’t too surprising, either. After all, it’s a device designed to cut ice; something was bound to go wrong eventually.  But there is one 2013 toy recall that none of us saw coming – one with a truly unique hazard. The Dan-Dee tap-dancing, musical chicken apparently sings too loudly for the safety of kids’ ears (and parents’ sanity).

Anything that has moving parts or is powered deserves special attention. Check the battery compartment for corrosion, take a good look at any cords and plugs for wear-and-tear, and turn the toy on to make sure it works properly.

Mechanized Toys Recalled in 2013

You can see the full list of recalled toys and other children’s items here. We hope there won’t be any more toy recalls this year, but if they are, you will find them on that list.

Now that you know what toys to watch out for, head on over to ConsignmentMommies to find a consignment sale event in your area.  Happy Holiday Shopping!




image reference: Toy Recalls 2013, WeMakeItsafer




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