Thank You for Supporting WeMakeItSafer!

September 30, 2015 — By

Since 2011, WeMakeItSafer has been happy to provide free tools such a our Recall Finder apps to help content publishers and businesses keep their customers safe.  Our tools have been particularly useful in the Consignment Sale event industry, where checking for recalls is imperative to successful sales. Not only is it illegal to sell recalled products, the parents who shop at these events need to know that the items are safe and have been checked for recalls in order to feel comfortable purchasing second-hand items, especially baby gear and toys.

We are grateful to the following sale event owners and industry experts who have gone above and beyond for the safety of consumers, especially children, by supporting WeMakeItSafer as sponsors.



Please visit our Sponsorship page to find out how you can help WeMakeItSafer continue to make the world a safer place!


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