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Thank You for Supporting WeMakeItSafer!


Since 2011, WeMakeItSafer has been happy to provide free tools such a our Recall Finder apps to help content publishers and businesses keep their customers safe.  Our tools have been particularly useful in the Consignment Sale event industry, where checking for recalls is imperative to successful sales. Not only is it illegal to sell recalled [...]

KinderCycle, Save Money and Protect the Environment while Helping Others


When I first heard about KinderCycle, I fell in love with the idea.  In a nutshell, KinderCycle is an organized swap of kids’ toys, books, gear, and clothing.  You bring the items your child no longer needs and pick up a few things he or she does need.  Brilliant, right?  What better way to keep [...]

The WINNER of our Cute Kids & Safety Tips Contest is….


We do a lot of really hard stuff at WeMakeItSafer – statistical analysis, computer programming, writing algorithms and proofs – but I think we all agree that our hardest task yet was choosing the winner of our Cute Kids & Safety Tips Contest. We received DOZENS of entries, many of which you saw on our [...]

Do Your Purchases Meet Your Social, Environmental & Safety Standards?


If you are like me, you have, on more than one occasion, picked up a product in your home and thought, “What’s in this thing anyway?”  Or, “Who made this? Were the workers treated fairly?”  Animal lovers may also ask, “How was this product tested?” A new tool by GoodGuide called “Purchase Analyzer” helps answer [...]

WeMakeItSafer: 2011 Year in Review, A Time for Thanks!

WeMakeItSafer: 2011 Year in Review, A Time for Thanks!

This is our favorite time of the year.  It is the time when we get to pause and look back. All year long, we run full speed ahead, working long days, long nights and even longer weekends, to get just one more feature, one more task, one more email and one more blog post completed.  [...]

Some Say Re-Gifting is Tacky, but Could it Also be Dangerous?

Attractive Woman Holds Gifts

It’s been in your closet for almost a year – that blender that your husband’s Aunt Hilda thought you’d love. It is a nice blender, but you already have one that happens to be bright red to match your kitchen décor. You’re now exhausted, tired of shopping and need one last thing for your son’s [...]

Carbon Monoxide and Portable Generators; What You Need to Know


Although Carbon Monoxide (CO) is always a concern in every household, the number of deaths caused by CO increase dramatically during winter storms as consumers turn to portable generators for power. According to FEMA, on average approximately 200 Americans die and more than 10,000 more are treated in emergency rooms each year due to inhalation of [...]

Thinking of Deep-frying the Turkey? This Video May Change Your Mind

Thinking of Deep-frying the Turkey? This Video May Change Your Mind

We’ve heard that fried turkeys can be quite delicious. Unfortunately, many of the special fryers designed to deep-fry a whole turkey can be quite dangerous. Underwriter Laboratories (UL), long recognized as a preeminent independent product safety certification organization, will not certify turkey fryers at all because of their inherent safety hazards. Watch this video on [...]

Surviving a Serious Crash: One Family’s Miraculous Story


If you have not heard this story yet, it is worth the read. We have summarized it below, but you can read the full story and interview with the mom here.  Last March, a Phoenix family, Jeff, Ann, Emma (6), Bridget (4) and Maggie (2) were traveling to a get-together in their minivan. Jeff was [...]

The Artificial Colors Debate: Are They Dangerous or Not?

baby eating red cubcake

It is Baby Safety Month Day 25, and all week we have been talking about chemical exposure.  In today’s post, we are taking a look at artificial colors. A debate has been brewing for some time over artificial colors and these days, it seems almost impossible to keep up with the new findings and recommendations. [...]

Toxic Chemicals in Child Car Seats, What You Need to Know

baby in car seat

Week four of WeMakeItSafer’s celebration of Baby Safety Month is focused on chemical exposure, and today, September 24th, is National Car Seat Check Day! To honor both, we are talking about dangerous chemicals found in car seats – probably not something you’ve thought much about. Your baby can spend a lot of time in his [...]

Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals: Baby Safety Month Week 4

Hair Washing

Week 4 of Baby Safety Month already? Where does the time go?! This week, we are talking about exposure to dangerous chemicals. It’s a big topic with a lot of important information, so we’re doing things a bit differently this week.  Although the To-Dos will continue to be quick, the information will be a bit [...]

Baby Safety Month Week 3 is Play Time! Check These Toy Safety Tips


It’s week 3 of Baby Safety Month, and this week, we’re talking toys! Think you’ve got a good handle on safe entertainment for Baby? Check out this quick list to be sure. As before, our goal is to provide tips and reminders about things you may have forgotten or overlooked. Your quick-tips checklist for this [...]

Baby Safety Month Week 2: Baby-Proofing You May Have Missed

Children playing in room

It’s Week 2 of Baby Safety Month, and this week’s quick tips are all about baby proofing.  We aren’t talking about stair gates and drawer latches; we bet you have those covered.  This week, we’re highlighting some of the less obvious stuff – seven potential dangers you may have put off, forgotten about or overlooked. [...]

Your Safety Checklist for September, National Baby Safety Month – Week 1

Baby Girl 2

For each week of Baby Safety Month, we will highlight simple things you can do to help keep your wee one safe. Please try to take a few moments every day (or over the weekend) to complete the tasks and check them off this handy list. Week 1 With all the confusion over new safety [...]