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CPSC Postpones Testing and Certification Requirements for Some

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently voted to extend the stay of enforcement of certification and testing requirements for certain children’s products.  The stay is extended differently depending upon how the CPSC viewed the ability to comply and whether the CPSC is still in the process of issuing requirements and rules.  For some children’s [...]

15 U.S.C. 2063 – Redlined: Laws Regarding Product Certification and Labeling, as Amended by CPSIA

US Consumer Product Safety Laws Regarding Product Certification and Labeling – Revisions Revealed Compiled by Jennifer P. Toney What follows is an edited version of Title 15, Chapter 47, Section 2063: Product Certification and Labeling. It was created by taking the latest version of the official code as published in January 2007 and showing revisions [...]

CPSC Stay on Testing and Certification Requirements: What Does it Mean to Manufacturers and Retailers?

As news broke Friday afternoon that the CPSC has granted a one year stay on certain product testing and certification requirements, manufacturers breathed a collective sigh of relief.  But what does the stay really mean?  How much relief can manufacturers expect?  And, what about the retailers, will this stay hurt more than help?  Let’s take [...]

CPSC General Counsel Publishes Clarification on Lead Testing and Certification Requirements

Earlier this week, the CPSC General Counsel published a letter (dated January 15, 2009) regarding lead testing and third-party certification requirements for children’s products.  Notably, General Counsel indicated that there could be changes that would allow third-party testing of product components rather than requiring testing of every finished product. In addition, General Counsel clarified that, [...]

Comparing Old and New Consumer Product Saftey Acts Proves Difficult – Showing Edits Inline May Help

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 has generated quite a bit of angst and confusion for companies trying to do the right thing.  Manufacturers, importers and retailers struggle to figure out which of their current practices are still acceptable versus what actions need to be changed. Currently, the published version of US Code [...]

2063: Consumer Product Certifcation and Labeling Laws – Revisions Inline

US Consumer Product Safety Laws – Revisions to Product Certification and Labeling Note: Some of the formatting was lost in the conversion process to render the document in the viewer below.  Rather than grey strikethrough for deletions as indicated by the Edit Key in the document, deletions are represented by a navy blue strikethrough. Get [...]

CPSC to Streamline Certification Requirements Under CPSIA Sec. 102

Due to apparent mass confusion surrounding the new product certification rules, the Commission’s final ruling limits the types of companies that must provide certifications and trims down some of the administrative requirements. Background: Section 14 of the Consumer Product Safety Act [US Code Title 15, Chapter 47, Section 2063] covers Product Certification and Labeling. The [...]