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Product Recalls During the Government Shutdown


Product recalls are conducted by several government agencies, with the vast majority falling under the jurisdictions of the FDA, USDA, CPSC and NHTSA.  Recall activity during the government shutdown varies by agency and is described in more detail below, but each of the agencies has warned that information on their websites may not be up-to-date [...]

Key Events Leading the CPSC to Sue the Makers of Nap Nanny: UPDATE


UPDATE 06/14/2013: Official Recall Announced.  ALL Nap Nanny products have been officially recalled. It is now illegal under federal law for any person to sell, offer for sale, manufacture, distribute in commerce, or import into the United States any model of the Nap Nanny or Chill recliner or the covers. UPDATE 12/27/2012:  At the CPSC’s [...]

Navigating New Product Safety Laws for Secondhand Sellers

Navigating New Product Safety Laws for Secondhand Sellers

Ever since the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) passed in 2008, new rules have been rolling out that impact what can and cannot be sold in the United States. Most of the laws pertain to children’s products, but others deal with broader issues such as lead paint that apply to all products. Some of [...]

Tips for Selling Your Baby & Toddler Gear

Store owner shows a WeMakeItSafer seal on a carseat

As your children outgrow their gear, selling it at a consignment sale or in an online marketplace is a great way to reduce waste, promote reuse and make some extra money to help pay for that next batch of “stuff” they will need. But not everything is suitable to be passed along. Before putting your [...]

Joint Statement: The First North America Product Safety Summit

This statement is currently being read and discussed live here: The PDF can be found here: Because some consumers have trouble opening PDFs in their browsers, we have reprinted the statement below. Joint Statement:  The First North America Product Safety Summit September 27, 2011 Bethesda, Maryland The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Health [...]

Crib Recalls FAQs, Crib Recall List

crib recalls

New safety standards for cribs went into effect on June 28, 2011. In addition to a ban on the traditional drop-side, there are new requirements for stronger slats, hardware and mattress supports, as well as new rules for more rigorous testing.  We previously wrote about what to do if you own a drop-side crib that [...]

My drop-side crib has NOT been recalled. Is it safe?


07/11/2011 Editor’s Note: This post was written in response to questions specifically regarding drop-sides. However, the CPSC has asked that we add a note to emphasize that the new standards, which went into effect on June 28, 2011, cover several improved safety features, beyond just the ban on traditional drop-sides. The new standards also include [...]

Selling Recalled Products is Illegal “Wow. I didn’t know.”

Selling Recalled Products is Illegal “Wow.  I didn’t know.”

Consumers still seem to be in the dark about new bans on selling recalled products.   Though not a scientific poll, in our everyday conversations, we have yet to talk to a single consumer who was aware of laws that prohibit the sale of recalled items by anyone, whether in yard sales, church rummage sales, online [...]

Another Crib Recall Prompted by Death of Infant Causes CPSC to Seek New Rules

Delta Enterprise voluntarily recalled more than 1.5 Million cribs today to repair missing or failed pegs needed to secure the crib’s drop-side mechanism. One baby is known to have died due to missing pegs. The incident has prompted the CPSC staff to recommend an evaluation of design and durability issues, potentially leading to stricter standards [...]

US Product Recall System is Ineffective…Still?

Every year millions of people are injured or killed in product-related accidents. In 2006 (the year before recalls regained the spotlight) product-related incidents in the US alone injured 33.1 million people and killed an additional 27,000. 1 That same year, in attempt to quell those numbers, the CPSC recalled 471 products, accounting for 124 million [...]

Brief Overview of the US Consumer-Product Recall System – Old and New

Brief Overview of the US Consumer-Product Recall System – Old and New

In the United States, more than 15,000 types of consumer products, not including food, drugs and vehicles, fall under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the government agency whose job it is to protect the public “from unreasonable risks of injury and death associated with consumer products.”[1] Maintaining the product recall system [...]