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Secondhand Gift Giving is Trending, Would You Give Used?

Secondhand Gift Giving is Trending

Secondhand gift giving is the new green trend.  With so much great, gently used merchandise available for a fraction of the new price, we can easily reduce the stress of gift giving on our planet and our wallets. “Isn’t that tacky; can I really give a used gift?” you ask.  Actually, many families have begun [...]

Natural Cleaner Recipe Roundup Just in Time for Spring


As the weather starts to warm up and winter clothes go back into storage, spring cleaning is right around the corner. This year, instead of using store-bought cleaners, which often include harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you and your family, why not try making your own natural cleaners from ingredients you likely already [...]

So, What is a Consignment Sale Event Anyway?

sale event

When we think of consignment, small neighborhood boutiques, thrift stores and antique shops come to mind.  Each of these locations generally operate on the same, simple concept – sellers (ie, the consignors) bring in items they no longer need; the shop owner places the items on store shelves;  then, when the item sells, the shop [...]

Tips for Selling Your Baby & Toddler Gear

Store owner shows a WeMakeItSafer seal on a carseat

As your children outgrow their gear, selling it at a consignment sale or in an online marketplace is a great way to reduce waste, promote reuse and make some extra money to help pay for that next batch of “stuff” they will need. But not everything is suitable to be passed along. Before putting your [...]

Baby Registry: Top 5 Tips for Thinking Outside the Box

Baby Registry: Top 5 Tips for Thinking Outside the Box

Editor’s Note: Thanks goes to Felicity Hernandez, the founder of Encore Baby Registry, for this helpful guest post on creative ideas for gift giving to expectant mothers. In addition to her informative blog, you can find Felicity on twitter @EncoreRegistry.  * * * The phrase “creating a baby registry” often conjures up images of scan [...]

Is My “Green” Cleaner Really Safe?


While natural, homemade cleaners using ingredients such as water, lemon, vinegar and baking soda are the healthiest way to go, most of us rely on ready-made purchased cleaners at least some of the time. How do you know if the cleaner you purchased with good intentions is really safe for you and the environment? Sure, [...]

KinderCycle, Save Money and Protect the Environment while Helping Others


When I first heard about KinderCycle, I fell in love with the idea.  In a nutshell, KinderCycle is an organized swap of kids’ toys, books, gear, and clothing.  You bring the items your child no longer needs and pick up a few things he or she does need.  Brilliant, right?  What better way to keep [...]

Do Your Purchases Meet Your Social, Environmental & Safety Standards?


If you are like me, you have, on more than one occasion, picked up a product in your home and thought, “What’s in this thing anyway?”  Or, “Who made this? Were the workers treated fairly?”  Animal lovers may also ask, “How was this product tested?” A new tool by GoodGuide called “Purchase Analyzer” helps answer [...]

Green Resolutions: Tips for Sticking to Them


Editor’s Note: The following post was provided by Marcella Campbell and Ryan Pilat of Citrus Lane. We are thrilled to be working with Citrus Lane to bring you this week’s Safety Points Reward, a three-month subscription to their incredible parent/baby care packages AND their all-organic “Fresh Start” care package designed in collaboration with Healthy Child [...]

Going Green for Child Safety

Soaking in the tub with Paraben Free and Sulfate Free organic bubble bath!

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Scarlet Paolicchi, founder of Family Focus Blog, for this helpful information and simple tips for reducing our children’s exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals. * * * A lot of parents, upon being handed the most perfect thing they have ever held- their baby, feel the weight of responsibility.  Many people who [...]

The Artificial Colors Debate: Are They Dangerous or Not?

baby eating red cubcake

It is Baby Safety Month Day 25, and all week we have been talking about chemical exposure.  In today’s post, we are taking a look at artificial colors. A debate has been brewing for some time over artificial colors and these days, it seems almost impossible to keep up with the new findings and recommendations. [...]

Should we be Worried about Radiation from Japan?

Should we be Worried about Radiation from Japan?

In the wake of the tsunami tragedy that damaged nuclear power plants in Japan,  many have asked whether or not we need to be concerned about radiation poisoning here in the United States, particularly in states bordered by the Pacific. According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), “Given the thousands of miles between the [...]

“Healthy People in a Healthy Environment”

The 2009 National Environmental Public Health Conference will take place October 26-28 in Atlanta, GA.  From the conference website: “The conference aims to develop and encourage innovative strategies for addressing existing and emerging issues in addition to being a forum for CDC [Center for Disease Control]/ATSDR [Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry] and its [...]

Safety To-Do #2: Make Sure Your Home is Radon-Free

Radon is a clear, odorless, radioactive gas known to cause lung cancer.  Though you may not yet be familiar with radon or its devastating effects, the World Health Organization and the US Surgeon General, among others, have issued health advisories to begin educating the public about Radon.  In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [...]