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Vitamin D and Breastfeeding: Is Your Newborn Getting Enough?

Young woman breast feeding a baby

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Elizabeth Green, co-founder of, for this informative post. * * * Breastmilk is best, there is no question about that. But all breastmilk isn’t created equal. Your breastmilk contains nutrients and vitamins that you consume. So if you don’t have a healthy and well-rounded diet, your baby won’t either. [...]

Organic versus NonOrganic: Does it really matter what type of fabric my child sleeps in?


Editor’s Note:  When we first met the founders of Lil Honu,  Emiliza and Erin, we immediately recognized that their vast knowledge about organic fabrics was surpassed only by their passion for bringing quality, safe products to families like ours. If you love Lil Honu as much as we do, you will be thrilled with this week’s [...]

Should the USA Ban Artificial Colors in Food?


We recently wrote a post on the debate over artificial colors. While there seems to be little evidence that the dyes are harmful to all individuals, studies have found that the chemical-based colors can worsen ADHD symptoms in children. Consumer advocacy groups suggest banning the artificial colors on the basis that many parents don’t know [...]

Make Any Month Baby Safety Month: Quick Checklist

beautiful baby

Huh? Over already? September went by in a flash, but you can make any month Baby Safety Month! Your quick calendar of to-do’s is below. There are a LOT of safety tips out there, many of which you probably already know. Our goal this month was to provide information and tips that you may not [...]

Making Your Own Baby Food Can Reduce Chemical Exposure

baby food baby

It’s Baby Safety Month, and we’re on day six of chemical exposure week. Some of this week’s experts mentioned dangerous chemicals that could be found in your baby’s food. Tania Reuben, founder of, taught us that Bisphenol A (BPA) is often present in canned food, and we learned about potential links between artificial colors [...]

Could Dust be Harming Your Baby?


We often blame lint and dead skin cells for the unsightly dust that accumulates around our homes, but did you know that there could also be harmful chemicals trapped in those bunnies? Two of the biggest culprits are flame retardants from upholstery and carpets, and pesticides that ride in on your shoes. We reached out [...]

The Artificial Colors Debate: Are They Dangerous or Not?

baby eating red cubcake

It is Baby Safety Month Day 25, and all week we have been talking about chemical exposure.  In today’s post, we are taking a look at artificial colors. A debate has been brewing for some time over artificial colors and these days, it seems almost impossible to keep up with the new findings and recommendations. [...]

Toxic Chemicals in Child Car Seats, What You Need to Know

baby in car seat

Week four of WeMakeItSafer’s celebration of Baby Safety Month is focused on chemical exposure, and today, September 24th, is National Car Seat Check Day! To honor both, we are talking about dangerous chemicals found in car seats – probably not something you’ve thought much about. Your baby can spend a lot of time in his [...]

Protect Baby: Be Aware of BPA


Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in making polycarbonate plastics, a material that packs a lot of benefits; it is light-weight, strong and heat-resistant. Unfortunately, new studies show that BPAs could be harmful to humans, especially young children, babies and unborn fetuses. Until more research can be completed, the Department of Health and Human [...]

Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals: Baby Safety Month Week 4

Hair Washing

Week 4 of Baby Safety Month already? Where does the time go?! This week, we are talking about exposure to dangerous chemicals. It’s a big topic with a lot of important information, so we’re doing things a bit differently this week.  Although the To-Dos will continue to be quick, the information will be a bit [...]

Your Safety Checklist for September, National Baby Safety Month – Week 1

Baby Girl 2

For each week of Baby Safety Month, we will highlight simple things you can do to help keep your wee one safe. Please try to take a few moments every day (or over the weekend) to complete the tasks and check them off this handy list. Week 1 With all the confusion over new safety [...]

How Video Game Ratings Work


Editor’s Note: Children love video games but, as parents, it’s our job to keep them safe from violent images and concepts they may not be old enough to understand. How can we really do that without playing every game ourselves first? Exactly what do those letter-ratings mean, and can they be trusted? WeMakeItSafer decided to [...]

CPR has Changed: What you Need to Know


In last week’s guest post on safe swimming , Melina Druga recommended learning CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). We agree. Learning CPR is a good idea – even if you have already taken a CPR course in the past. Why re-learn? Because what you were taught before may no longer be the best advice. As medical science [...]

Safety Tips for Safe Swimming This Summer

Safety Tips for Safe Swimming This Summer

WeMakeItSafer would like to thank Melina Druga for this guest post. On an average day in the United States ten people drown.  In addition, hundreds of near drownings occur with many of the victims becoming permanently brain damaged.   What makes these deaths and injuries even more tragic is the fact the majority of them were [...]

Fall Coaches Take Note – Concussions can be Hard to Spot

Fall Coaches Take Note – Concussions can be Hard to Spot

As fall sports get underway, it is important for coaches and volunteer parent-coaches to brush up on first aid and field/court safety.  One of the most commonly missed, potentially serious injuries, is a concussion.  Because symptoms may not immediately appear, coaches and parents often return an athlete to play before he or she has fully [...]