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Guidelines for Healthy Eating during Pregnancy

Guidelines for Healthy Eating during Pregnancy

Editor’s Note: Thanks goes to Renee Leonard-Stainton, the creator and editor of Renee Naturally, for this helpful guest post on what to eat & what to avoid during pregnancy.  In addition to her informative blog, you can find Renee on twitter @ReneeNaturally.  * * * The miraculous concept of creating another human life takes some careful [...]

Running Errands Alone at Night: Safety Tips for Women


As the days get shorter, you will likely find yourself accomplishing more tasks in the dark. Whether you are running to the grocery store, picking up a kid from his study group or just taking out the trash, being completely aware of your surroundings is of the utmost importance. Take a moment to remind yourself [...]

Safety To-Do #3: Sign Up for a CPR Training or Refresher Course

Most of us have heard of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and understand that it can save lives.  Yet, as with so many safety tasks, we somehow fail to act on that knowledge and arm ourselves with this simple and effective life-saving skill. Without oxygen, the brain will begin to die within four to six minutes.  Therefore, [...]