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Got Data? The US Gov Does, and They Want You to Use It


Over the past month, we have joined several roundtable discussions and events in support of the Open Government Data initiative, which is part of President Obama’s larger Digital Government strategy. The idea behind Open Data is not only to provide additional transparency, but to unlock the power of data as fuel for innovation.  We have been particularly impressed [...]

New Safer In Color! Theme: Baby Proofing with Big Kids

New Safer In Color! Theme: Baby Proofing with Big Kids

Our new theme for Safer in Color! is Baby Proofing with Big Kids! What is Safer in Color!?  It’s a fun new project that encourages activity-based learning for safety lessons. Here’s how it works. Every month or so, we will introduce a new safety theme, often in partnership with another safety-related organization.  As you talk with your children about [...]

Making Safety Fun… and Colorful!

Safer in Color

WeMakeItSafer was founded on the principle that, if we work together, we can make the world a safer place.  We spend a lot of time educating parents about safety issues, especially the dangers of recalled products and the importance of registering belongings for safety alerts.  Every day, we remember the children who were injured or [...]

WeMakeItSafer Gets Creative on Pinterest

WeMakeItSafer on Pinterest

We are happy to announce that you can now follow WeMakeItSafer  on Pinterest! So how does an organization all about safety and recalled products live in the land of beauty, fashion, and stuff we love? It gets creative. At WeMakeItSafer, we think safety is a beautiful thing. Our challenge was making our “safety pins” look beautiful [...]

The WINNER of our Cute Kids & Safety Tips Contest is….


We do a lot of really hard stuff at WeMakeItSafer – statistical analysis, computer programming, writing algorithms and proofs – but I think we all agree that our hardest task yet was choosing the winner of our Cute Kids & Safety Tips Contest. We received DOZENS of entries, many of which you saw on our [...]

Last Day for Cute Kid & Safety Tips Contest


Today is the last day to enter our Cute Kid Cover-Page and Safety Tips Contest, so we want to take a moment to once again thank our prize sponsors. One thing is for sure, our Cute Kid winner will be the envy of the block with all these fabulous gifts!  We hand-picked these brands based [...]

WeMakeItSafer Cute Kid Contest PRIZES! (Part 3)


The deadline is fast approaching for our Cute Kid & Safety Tips contest, so if you have not yet entered, please hurry – get those pics and tips in soon!  The deadline is January 31, 2011. Entry is simple, just shoot us a pic and a tip via email to Then, if you choose, upload [...]

MORE WeMakeItSafer Cute Kid Cover-page Contest PRIZES! (Part 2)


In case this is your first encounter with WeMakeItSafer’s Cute Kid Cover-page Contest, let us briefly fill you in. We are hosting a photo contest as a fun and engaging way for our readers, friends and fans to share safety tips. We figured, what better way to capture your attention than with some UBER CUTE [...]

WeMakeItSafer Cute Kid Cover-page Contest PRIZES! (Part 1)


We are happy to announce the first set of prizes in our Cute Kid Cover-page Contest prize-pack. In addition to more than $500 in awesome gifts, some of which are shown in this post, the winner of our contest will be featured on our website homepage! Officially launching in the spring of 2011, WeMakeItSafer is [...]

Should the USA Ban Artificial Colors in Food?


We recently wrote a post on the debate over artificial colors. While there seems to be little evidence that the dyes are harmful to all individuals, studies have found that the chemical-based colors can worsen ADHD symptoms in children. Consumer advocacy groups suggest banning the artificial colors on the basis that many parents don’t know [...]

WeMakeItSafer Cute Kid Cover-page Contest: Deadline January 31, 2012


Baby Safety Month is almost over. We have had so much fun providing safety information and daily tasks to help keep your little ones safe. We hope you found each of our tips helpful and informative. Now, its your turn. Baby Safety Month Day 29 Task: Share Your Safety Tips We could have just asked [...]

Give this Lovable Giant Panda a Home

Melissa & Doug stuffed Panda

We recently took a look at Melissa & Doug’s safety and recall practices, and were quite impressed. So, we thought it would be fun to give away one of their delightful (and safe!) toys. While we love the fact that this Giant Panda complies with safety regulations, we must admit that it was the SUPER [...]

Safety Beats out Price and Convenience for Cribs


With the recent ban on drop side cribs, many parents, especially those who may be a tad bit on the shorter side, have wondered how in the world we are going to get baby in and out of the crib without hurling her over the side? There is no doubt that we will begin to [...]

Should Brands be Responsible for Products they DON’T Make?


Today’s recall of Pampers branded pacifiers raises some interesting questions.   Pampers was neither the importer nor the manufacturer, but licensed their brand to Key Baby, LLC to be placed on the pacifiers.  Key Baby imported the pacifiers from Chinese manufacturer, Tahoe Enterprises. Because Pampers is the most recognizable name involved, Pampers, a Procter & [...]