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Some Say Re-Gifting is Tacky, but Could it Also be Dangerous?

Attractive Woman Holds Gifts

It’s been in your closet for almost a year – that blender that your husband’s Aunt Hilda thought you’d love. It is a nice blender, but you already have one that happens to be bright red to match your kitchen décor. You’re now exhausted, tired of shopping and need one last thing for your son’s [...]

Register Baby’s Gear for Recall Alerts


Baby Safety Month is coming to a close, but we promise to go out with a bang. Today, we’ll be talking about how to protect Baby from product recalls, and tomorrow? Well, we have a big announcement planned for you, so be sure to like us on facebook so you are among the first to [...]

Protecting Yourself from Recalled Products – How Much Risk Can You Bear?

What to do to protect against recalled products, from lowest risk to highest.

Thousands of consumer products, accounting for hundreds-of-millions of items, are recalled each year for safety hazards that put their owners at increased risk of injury or death. Over the past five years alone, we have seen more than 150 million children’s items, 110 million household goods and 9 million pieces of sporting equipment recalled by [...]

Simply Check: A Long Awaited Solution to Recalled Products in the Secondary Market


When we read about product recalls in the news, the focus is nearly always on manufacturers, retailers and consumers – what the brand is doing, how stores are responding and how many people were hurt by the product.  However, there is another industry that is severely impacted by recalled products that rarely gets any attention. [...]

Don’t put off safety any longer. Take five minutes right now to protect your family.


Items I Own checks your belongings against thousands of recalled products at once, then keeps checking every item, every day, so you don’t have to. In only a few short weeks since its release, Items I Own is proving to be a hit as consumers learn about its ability to save them time and bring [...]

Overpublicizing Product Recalls Hurts Consumers

Overpublicizing Product Recalls Hurts Consumers

It’s a bold statement that needs some qualifying, but the evidence is mounting – over-coverage of product recalls may damage recall effectiveness, putting consumers at greater risk for injury. It is a problem referred to as “recall fatigue,” and it occurs when a consumer quite literally gets tired of hearing about recalls. With the passing [...]

Tylenol Recall Survey Follow Up

Tylenol Recall Survey Follow Up

Interestingly, even those who gave Johnson & Johnson high marks for how the recall was being handled, had quite a bit to say about what the company ought to do differently. Here are the first comments we received at each score.

CPSC Advice Not Practical, WeMakeItSafer Changes That

CPSC Advice Not Practical, WeMakeItSafer Changes That

The CPSC continues to recommend that parents, childcare facility owners and school administrators check every belonging and new purchase on the CPSC website to make sure it has not been recalled.  While we strongly support the idea of looking for recalls, using the government site to do so simply is not practical. Depending on the [...]

WeMakeItSafer Featured by Kids In Danger (KID)

WeMakeItSafer was recently featured in a Kids In Danger (KID) blog post.  KID was formed by parents of Danny Keysar, a 16-month-old boy who died in a recalled travel yard.  Neither parents nor caregivers at the childcare center where the crib was located knew about the recall.  To date, 16 babies have died, yet the [...]

Registration Card Requirements for Durable Infant and Toddler Goods Effectively Postponed for up to Seven Months

Section 104(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA of 2008) requires the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to set in place a final ruling regarding product registration cards for durable infant and toddler goods by August 14, 2009.  However, the notice of proposed rule making (NPR) published in the federal register today indicates [...] is LIVE!

Tell all your friends – especially those with kids at home or those with senior family members living alone – to stop by and peruse our simpler than ever recalled-product gallery to make sure there aren’t any items in their homes with safety defects. Unfortunately, nearly everyone owns dangerous, recalled products without knowing it.
And, don’t forget – never buy or sell another secondhand item without running a search at WeMakeItSafer first.

Halloween Related Product Recalls – Make Sure Your Decor and Costumes Are Safe

Halloween Related Product Recalls – Make Sure Your Decor and Costumes Are Safe

If your family is anything like ours, Halloween decorations and other paraphernalia get packed back into boxes or bins and pushed to the depths of the garage within a day or two after the trick-or-treating comes to an end.  The plastic witches and candy-collection pails then stay in their out-of-sight–out-of-mind state until, well, now – [...]

Another Crib Recall Prompted by Death of Infant Causes CPSC to Seek New Rules

Delta Enterprise voluntarily recalled more than 1.5 Million cribs today to repair missing or failed pegs needed to secure the crib’s drop-side mechanism. One baby is known to have died due to missing pegs. The incident has prompted the CPSC staff to recommend an evaluation of design and durability issues, potentially leading to stricter standards [...]

Company Costs of a Product Recall: Incentives to Fix or Ignore Recall Effectiveness Problems (Summary)

Company Costs of a Product Recall: Incentives to Fix or Ignore Recall Effectiveness Problems (Summary)

When I speak with consumers about possible ways to make locating recalled products easier for manufacturers, many balk at the idea, positing that companies would never have any incentive to improve recall effectiveness. For these individuals, the belief is that companies would rather not do everything possible to locate and retrieve defective products in order [...]

US Product Recall System is Ineffective…Still?

Every year millions of people are injured or killed in product-related accidents. In 2006 (the year before recalls regained the spotlight) product-related incidents in the US alone injured 33.1 million people and killed an additional 27,000. 1 That same year, in attempt to quell those numbers, the CPSC recalled 471 products, accounting for 124 million [...]