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The Biggest Toy Recalls of 2013


As you head out to do your holiday shopping this year, please keep this list of recalled products and related safety tips in mind.  The same information is also important when consigning, donating or passing down toys your family no longer needs.  Please share this post with your friends and family. 2013 Toy Recalls in [...]

Food-related Choking Among Children in the United States

Young Girl Eating a Hotdog

Editor’s note: Thanks goes to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for this informative article. Food-related Choking Among Children in the United States Candy, particularly hard candy, meat, and bones were key foods involved in choking episodes among children ages 0-14 years, according to a report published today by the Center for Injury Research [...]

Importance of Bicycle Helmets Hits Home for WeMakeItSafer CEO


Editor’s Note:  This post was written by our CEO, Jennifer Toney, on her personal blog a few years ago. It shows the importance of proper bike helmet fit.  Had her son’s helmet not been worn straight across his forehead, rather than incorrectly tilted back like we see so often, he would have suffored direct impact with the concrete. The [...]

New Study Suggests Ski and Snowboard Helmets Should be Required

Young Skier

We have written about the importance of wearing  helmets several times before in the context of riding bicycles and youth sports, but a recent study from Johns Hopkins reminds us that helmets are extremely important during snow activities as well.   According to the study, approximately 120,000 ski and snowboard related head injuries are reported in [...]

Remembering Sandy Hook: How You Can Help


May the holiday spirit continue in our hearts and minds as we dig even deeper still to help those in need. Below is a list of organizations and relief funds accepting donations to support the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. Please, do what you can to help.   National Nonprofit Organizations   The [...]

WeMakeItSafer and ConsignmentMommies Partner for Safer Resale


WeMakeItSafer and ConsignmentMommies join forces to make safety a priority in the growing consignment sale event industry. Oakland, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2012  To say consignment sale events are sweeping the nation would be an understatement.  Spurred by both the economic and environmental benefits of reselling items one no longer needs, there are now over [...]

The Artificial Colors Debate: Are They Dangerous or Not?

baby eating red cubcake

It is Baby Safety Month Day 25, and all week we have been talking about chemical exposure.  In today’s post, we are taking a look at artificial colors. A debate has been brewing for some time over artificial colors and these days, it seems almost impossible to keep up with the new findings and recommendations. [...]

‘Melissa & Doug’ Scores High Marks in Toy Safety


A couple of weeks ago we asked a question on our facebook page: “In your opinion, which brand makes the safest toys?” Admittedly, it was not a very scientific survey, but there was a clear winner – Melissa & Doug. We decided to take a closer look at this toy company to find out more [...]

Safety Tips for Safe Swimming This Summer

Safety Tips for Safe Swimming This Summer

WeMakeItSafer would like to thank Melina Druga for this guest post. On an average day in the United States ten people drown.  In addition, hundreds of near drownings occur with many of the victims becoming permanently brain damaged.   What makes these deaths and injuries even more tragic is the fact the majority of them were [...]

The Number of Children Falling from Windows is Alarming


This week is National Window Safety Week.  We join the National Safety Council (NSC) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in urging you to please take a few moments this weekend to learn about window safety and secure your homes and childcare facilities. Video Source: CPSC The information below was originally published in InformMe, [...]

Kids and ATVs – Is it Worth the Risk?

Kids and ATVs – Is it Worth the Risk?

Most children are fascinated with driving.  One moment they can hardly say “car” or “truck” and the very next, they want to drive one.  We oblige with toddler sized ride-on toys that are self-propelled at first, but quickly give way to battery operated versions.  With the exception of defective ride-on toys that have been recalled, [...]

Fall Coaches Take Note – Concussions can be Hard to Spot

Fall Coaches Take Note – Concussions can be Hard to Spot

As fall sports get underway, it is important for coaches and volunteer parent-coaches to brush up on first aid and field/court safety.  One of the most commonly missed, potentially serious injuries, is a concussion.  Because symptoms may not immediately appear, coaches and parents often return an athlete to play before he or she has fully [...]

Booster Seat Study Prompts Higher Age Requirements

Booster Seat Study Prompts Higher Age Requirements

Increasingly, states are requiring use of car seats or booster seats until at least age 7. Colorado was the latest state to raise the age requirement from 6 years to 7, effective August 1st. It may seem like a long time to have a special chair to lug around, but a new study goes a [...]

How Safe Are You Around Water?

How Safe Are You Around Water?

Summer is almost here, and many are getting ready for boating, swimming, and simple pool fun. Before you pack swim suits and head out to the water, spend a few minutes understanding the risks and learning how to help keep you and your family safe. Consider these facts from the Center for Injury Prevention & [...]

Prevent Accidental Poisoning

Prevent Accidental Poisoning

According to SafeKids, every year more that 1.2 million children under the age of five are accidentally poisoned. While over forty percent of those poisonings are attributed to accidental exposure to prescription drugs, the remaining are caused by everything from household cleaners to wild berries. There are numerous tip-lists about poison prevention online, most of [...]