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Fireworks: Are They Safe?


Thank you to the CPSC for this informative infographic, reminding us about the dangers of fireworks. Be safe out there! Share this infographic: Share this infographic:

WeMakeItSafer and ConsignmentMommies Partner for Safer Resale


WeMakeItSafer and ConsignmentMommies join forces to make safety a priority in the growing consignment sale event industry. Oakland, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2012  To say consignment sale events are sweeping the nation would be an understatement.  Spurred by both the economic and environmental benefits of reselling items one no longer needs, there are now over [...]

Baby Planners & Recalled Baby Products – How Do These Two Go Together?

Sleeping Newborn

Guest post by Melissa Moog, President, International Baby Planner Association For many, the term Baby Planners isn’t familiar as it’s still a new niche the world is hearing more and more about. The definition of a Baby Planner is simply an expectant or new parent’s consultant on all things pregnancy and baby related carrying on through [...]

Register Your Baby Products to Keep on Top of Recalls

Register for recall alerts with Items I Own by WeMakeItSafer

Last week, Encore Baby Registry posted a fabulous article on their blog about the importance of checking for recalls. Rather than just tell readers to register, Encore gave specific examples of some of the problems that registering products solves.  We have posted the first portion of their article here, with permission, and encourage you to [...]

How to Select the Right Child Proof Gate

SafeStartBaby premier gate

Editor’s Note: Thanks goes to Michele Spahr, the founder of Safe Start Baby, for this helpful guest post on choosing the right baby gates and installing them properly.  In addition to her informative (and sometimes just plain hilarious) blog, you can find Michele on twitter @TheSafetyFreak.  * * * Never underestimate your busy crawling baby. One minute [...]

Five Major Risk-Reducers for Peace-of-Mind in 2012


Over the years, we have posted hundreds of safety tips and to-do lists. Frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming, even for us.  While any task that reduces your family’s risk of injury is worth doing, especially the simple and inexpensive ones (which most are), there are a few that can dramatically reduce your risk [...]

It’s Time to Let the Christmas Tree Go

christmas tree

If you are like us, saying goodbye to the holidays can elicit a few wistful sighs.  It seems one minute we are stressed abut how fast the season is approaching, and the next, we are saddened by how quickly it has passed. For those who celebrate Christmas, the smell of fresh pine and the twinkle [...]

Some Say Re-Gifting is Tacky, but Could it Also be Dangerous?

Attractive Woman Holds Gifts

It’s been in your closet for almost a year – that blender that your husband’s Aunt Hilda thought you’d love. It is a nice blender, but you already have one that happens to be bright red to match your kitchen décor. You’re now exhausted, tired of shopping and need one last thing for your son’s [...]

Carbon Monoxide and Portable Generators; What You Need to Know


Although Carbon Monoxide (CO) is always a concern in every household, the number of deaths caused by CO increase dramatically during winter storms as consumers turn to portable generators for power. According to FEMA, on average approximately 200 Americans die and more than 10,000 more are treated in emergency rooms each year due to inhalation of [...]

WeMakeItSafer Announces Rewards Program to Encourage Product Registration


Could prizes get more consumers to register their belongings? WeMakeItSafer thinks so. Oakland, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2011 WeMakeItSafer is announcing a new program called Safety Points Rewards to increase the number of consumers who register their belongings for product recall notifications. The program lets users of “Items I Own,” WeMakeItSafer’s product registration tool, enter a weekly [...]

Thinking of Deep-frying the Turkey? This Video May Change Your Mind

Thinking of Deep-frying the Turkey? This Video May Change Your Mind

We’ve heard that fried turkeys can be quite delicious. Unfortunately, many of the special fryers designed to deep-fry a whole turkey can be quite dangerous. Underwriter Laboratories (UL), long recognized as a preeminent independent product safety certification organization, will not certify turkey fryers at all because of their inherent safety hazards. Watch this video on [...]

Surviving a Serious Crash: One Family’s Miraculous Story


If you have not heard this story yet, it is worth the read. We have summarized it below, but you can read the full story and interview with the mom here.  Last March, a Phoenix family, Jeff, Ann, Emma (6), Bridget (4) and Maggie (2) were traveling to a get-together in their minivan. Jeff was [...]

Make Any Month Baby Safety Month: Quick Checklist

beautiful baby

Huh? Over already? September went by in a flash, but you can make any month Baby Safety Month! Your quick calendar of to-do’s is below. There are a LOT of safety tips out there, many of which you probably already know. Our goal this month was to provide information and tips that you may not [...]

Register Baby’s Gear for Recall Alerts


Baby Safety Month is coming to a close, but we promise to go out with a bang. Today, we’ll be talking about how to protect Baby from product recalls, and tomorrow? Well, we have a big announcement planned for you, so be sure to like us on facebook so you are among the first to [...]

Making Your Own Baby Food Can Reduce Chemical Exposure

baby food baby

It’s Baby Safety Month, and we’re on day six of chemical exposure week. Some of this week’s experts mentioned dangerous chemicals that could be found in your baby’s food. Tania Reuben, founder of, taught us that Bisphenol A (BPA) is often present in canned food, and we learned about potential links between artificial colors [...]