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Should the USA Ban Artificial Colors in Food?


We recently wrote a post on the debate over artificial colors. While there seems to be little evidence that the dyes are harmful to all individuals, studies have found that the chemical-based colors can worsen ADHD symptoms in children. Consumer advocacy groups suggest banning the artificial colors on the basis that many parents don’t know [...]

Safety Beats out Price and Convenience for Cribs


With the recent ban on drop side cribs, many parents, especially those who may be a tad bit on the shorter side, have wondered how in the world we are going to get baby in and out of the crib without hurling her over the side? There is no doubt that we will begin to [...]

Should Brands be Responsible for Products they DON’T Make?


Today’s recall of Pampers branded pacifiers raises some interesting questions.   Pampers was neither the importer nor the manufacturer, but licensed their brand to Key Baby, LLC to be placed on the pacifiers.  Key Baby imported the pacifiers from Chinese manufacturer, Tahoe Enterprises. Because Pampers is the most recognizable name involved, Pampers, a Procter & [...]