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The Biggest, Most Dangerous and Most Talked About Recalls of 2012


The new year is well under way, and we spent the first month of 2013 analyzing last year’s product recall data. Below are some summary statistics along with links to several Top 10 lists we think you will find quite interesting. Each list has a Top 5 image board for you to share on pinterest [...]

Cheap Products Aren’t the Only Ones that Get Recalled


Consumers may hear a lot about the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalling inexpensive products like toys and toasters, but did you know that the CPSC is in charge of many high ticket items as well?  Everything from designer clothing and recreational vehicles to building supplies and security systems falls under the CPSC’s jurisdiction.  We were curious [...]

Top 5 Recalls by Units Involved in January 2013

Top 5 Recalls by Units in January 2013

This month, the largest recall surpassed 2 million units. With 2,300,000 units involved,  Triaminic and Theraflu syrups, pulled from shelves due to faulty child-proof caps, will likely remain one of the largest recalls in 2013. The next largest recall in terms of units was for Royal Prestige cookware, pots and pans, deeming 1,700,000 units unsafe. At [...]

2012 Recalls Cause Severe Injury and Death


Many times, defective products with a safety hazard are recalled before anyone is seriously hurt. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. At least 89 injuries requiring medical attention and 9 deaths, 8 of them children, were reported with 2012 CPSC recalls. The ten recalls with the highest number of serious injuries and deaths reported [...]

Making Coffee Proves Hazardous in 2012


In this Top 10 list, we reveal the recalls reporting the highest number of injuries at the time of recall. They include minor injuries such as bumps and bruises to more severe injuries such as cuts and skull fractures. Interestingly, three of the top five CPSC recalls by number of injuries reported were for coffee [...]

Nearly 9,000 Incidents Reported Before Recall in 2012


In 2012, an average of 28 incidents of product failure were reported before items were recalled.  About 100 recalls had zero incidents reported, while at least 25 recalls reported 50 or more.  Here are the five CPSC recalls with the most incidents of product failure reported at the time of recall.   Top 10 CPSC [...]

The Biggest Recalls of 2012: Chances Are Good You Own One


With 59 Million individual products recalled by the CPSC in 2012, there is a good chance you own at least one. Below are the Top 10 biggest recalls by number of units involved, and to the left is a handy image of the Top 5 that you can share  on social networks to remind others [...]

Lucky Numbers for 2012 – WeMakeItSafer Year in Review


We love this time of year.   It’s when we get to pause, look back and review all the awesome things for which we are grateful. This year, we launched some amazing new tools.  From our mobile site that lets you use Recall Search and Items I Own product safety registration with the convenience of a [...]

Toys, Tools and Furniture – December Recalls Ran the Gamut


Toys, Tools and Furniture – December Recalls Ran the Gamut Three Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls topped 100,000 units in December making them, statistically, the ones most likely to be in your home.  They include the Colorful Heats Teddy sold by Build-A-Bear Workshop, recalled for eyes that pose a choking hazard; Circo-brand children’s travel [...]

Remembering Sandy Hook: How You Can Help


May the holiday spirit continue in our hearts and minds as we dig even deeper still to help those in need. Below is a list of organizations and relief funds accepting donations to support the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. Please, do what you can to help.   National Nonprofit Organizations   The [...]

Key Events Leading the CPSC to Sue the Makers of Nap Nanny: UPDATE


UPDATE 06/14/2013: Official Recall Announced.  ALL Nap Nanny products have been officially recalled. It is now illegal under federal law for any person to sell, offer for sale, manufacture, distribute in commerce, or import into the United States any model of the Nap Nanny or Chill recliner or the covers. UPDATE 12/27/2012:  At the CPSC’s [...]

WeMakeItSafer’s Holiday Top Picks


We are happy to announce a special tool to help you find high-quality gifts from the safest brands this season – The WeMakeItSafer Holiday Top Picks Shop. After more than five years of ongoing research, we have accumulated a LOT of data and knowledge about which brands have the best track record when it comes [...]

In the Wake of Sandy, Several Generators Recalled in November


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced 32 recalls in November.  This is significantly higher than the number of recalls issued in November of last year (20).  Of the 32 recalls issued this November, nine (28%) were for home and garden products and eight (25%) were for children’s products. The remaining CPSC recalls were spread [...]

Navigating New Product Safety Laws for Secondhand Sellers

Navigating New Product Safety Laws for Secondhand Sellers

Ever since the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) passed in 2008, new rules have been rolling out that impact what can and cannot be sold in the United States. Most of the laws pertain to children’s products, but others deal with broader issues such as lead paint that apply to all products. Some of [...]

The Resource Center Moves Front and Center

RC on Homepage

Due to the growing popularity of our Resource Center, we have decided to move it center-stage. Site visitors can now find valuable websites, apps and places to shop simply by clicking on the big, orange “Resource Center” button at the bottom of every page. To make it into our Resource Center, websites, blogs, apps, [...]