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Is My “Green” Cleaner Really Safe?


While natural, homemade cleaners using ingredients such as water, lemon, vinegar and baking soda are the healthiest way to go, most of us rely on ready-made purchased cleaners at least some of the time. How do you know if the cleaner you purchased with good intentions is really safe for you and the environment? Sure, [...]

Going Green for Child Safety

Soaking in the tub with Paraben Free and Sulfate Free organic bubble bath!

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Scarlet Paolicchi, founder of Family Focus Blog, for this helpful information and simple tips for reducing our children’s exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals. * * * A lot of parents, upon being handed the most perfect thing they have ever held- their baby, feel the weight of responsibility.  Many people who [...]

Could Dust be Harming Your Baby?


We often blame lint and dead skin cells for the unsightly dust that accumulates around our homes, but did you know that there could also be harmful chemicals trapped in those bunnies? Two of the biggest culprits are flame retardants from upholstery and carpets, and pesticides that ride in on your shoes. We reached out [...]

Toxic Chemicals in Child Car Seats, What You Need to Know

baby in car seat

Week four of WeMakeItSafer’s celebration of Baby Safety Month is focused on chemical exposure, and today, September 24th, is National Car Seat Check Day! To honor both, we are talking about dangerous chemicals found in car seats – probably not something you’ve thought much about. Your baby can spend a lot of time in his [...]