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Secondhand Gift Giving is Trending, Would You Give Used?

Secondhand Gift Giving is Trending

Secondhand gift giving is the new green trend.  With so much great, gently used merchandise available for a fraction of the new price, we can easily reduce the stress of gift giving on our planet and our wallets. “Isn’t that tacky; can I really give a used gift?” you ask.  Actually, many families have begun [...]

So, What is a Consignment Sale Event Anyway?

sale event

When we think of consignment, small neighborhood boutiques, thrift stores and antique shops come to mind.  Each of these locations generally operate on the same, simple concept – sellers (ie, the consignors) bring in items they no longer need; the shop owner places the items on store shelves;  then, when the item sells, the shop [...]

Tips for Selling Your Baby & Toddler Gear

Store owner shows a WeMakeItSafer seal on a carseat

As your children outgrow their gear, selling it at a consignment sale or in an online marketplace is a great way to reduce waste, promote reuse and make some extra money to help pay for that next batch of “stuff” they will need. But not everything is suitable to be passed along. Before putting your [...]