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Register Your Baby Products to Keep on Top of Recalls

Register for recall alerts with Items I Own by WeMakeItSafer

Last week, Encore Baby Registry posted a fabulous article on their blog about the importance of checking for recalls. Rather than just tell readers to register, Encore gave specific examples of some of the problems that registering products solves.  We have posted the first portion of their article here, with permission, and encourage you to [...]

WeMakeItSafer to be Technology Voice at ICPHSO Symposium


As a high tech company WeMakeItSafer is focused on building robust, intelligent tools to solve problems, specifically problems related to product safety and recall effectiveness.  It was the unnecessary, completely preventable injuries and deaths associated with consumers continuing to use recalled products that led Jennifer and Priyanka to attack this problem in the first place. [...]

Thinking of Deep-frying the Turkey? This Video May Change Your Mind

Thinking of Deep-frying the Turkey? This Video May Change Your Mind

We’ve heard that fried turkeys can be quite delicious. Unfortunately, many of the special fryers designed to deep-fry a whole turkey can be quite dangerous. Underwriter Laboratories (UL), long recognized as a preeminent independent product safety certification organization, will not certify turkey fryers at all because of their inherent safety hazards. Watch this video on [...]

Surviving a Serious Crash: One Family’s Miraculous Story


If you have not heard this story yet, it is worth the read. We have summarized it below, but you can read the full story and interview with the mom here.  Last March, a Phoenix family, Jeff, Ann, Emma (6), Bridget (4) and Maggie (2) were traveling to a get-together in their minivan. Jeff was [...]

Dog Bites: How to Protect Yourself

Dog Bites:  How to Protect Yourself

WeMakeItSafer thanks Melina Druga for this guest post. You love your dog.  You may even consider it one of your family members.  But a dog is still an animal and must be treated like one.  Dogs can and do bite. According to The Humane Society of the United States 800,000 people a year are bitten [...]

Protecting Yourself from Recalled Products – How Much Risk Can You Bear?

What to do to protect against recalled products, from lowest risk to highest.

Thousands of consumer products, accounting for hundreds-of-millions of items, are recalled each year for safety hazards that put their owners at increased risk of injury or death. Over the past five years alone, we have seen more than 150 million children’s items, 110 million household goods and 9 million pieces of sporting equipment recalled by [...]

Best, Least-Obvious Holiday Safety Tips

Best, Least-Obvious Holiday Safety Tips

From cooking to travel, our inboxes have been teeming with hundreds of holiday safety tips ranging from the blatantly obvious (e.g., Never use lighted candles to decorate a tree.) to the “Wow, I didn’t know that!”    Steering toward the latter, we have compiled a list of the best holiday safety tips that you may not [...]

Overpublicizing Product Recalls Hurts Consumers

Overpublicizing Product Recalls Hurts Consumers

It’s a bold statement that needs some qualifying, but the evidence is mounting – over-coverage of product recalls may damage recall effectiveness, putting consumers at greater risk for injury. It is a problem referred to as “recall fatigue,” and it occurs when a consumer quite literally gets tired of hearing about recalls. With the passing [...]

Soda Can Pull Tabs Commonly Swallowed

A new study conducted at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center looked at cases where kids, the majority of which were teenagers, have swallowed the soda can stay-tabs.  Swallowing pull tabs can lead to injury of the gastrointestinal tract and sometimes surgery is required. “The identification of 19 ingested stay-tabs at a single children’s hospital [...]

Resolve to Address Safety Issues in 2009

Resolve to Address Safety Issues in 2009

Why is it that, even when we know what tasks need to be done to keep ourselves and our families safe, we still cannot seem to find the time to do them?  Replace batteries in fire detectors, Gather emergency supplies, Learn CPR – these are just a few among the many items that seem to [...]