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Teens: Worried About Them Driving? How About Walking?


As parents, we all hope that, by the time we send our kids off to Middle and High School we’ve done a decent job teaching them the safety basics: what to do in a fire or earthquake, how to contact us in an emergency, what to do if bothered by a stranger or bully, and [...]

How Video Game Ratings Work


Editor’s Note: Children love video games but, as parents, it’s our job to keep them safe from violent images and concepts they may not be old enough to understand. How can we really do that without playing every game ourselves first? Exactly what do those letter-ratings mean, and can they be trusted? WeMakeItSafer decided to [...]

Putting Out a Grease Fire: At 13, I Made the Wrong Choice


Earlier this week, we asked our facebook fans what they would do in this scenario: You leave bacon on the stove while running to put in a load of laundry, and the pan catches fire. What do you do? a) Cover it with a lid. b) Put water on it. c) Sprinkle it with baking [...]