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WeMakeItSafer Brings Product Safety to Facebook

Latest Recalls WemakeItSafer facebook tab

If you have been keeping an eye on WeMakeItSafer’s facebook page recently, you have probably noticed that it has become much more interactive.  We have added several pages (a.k.a “tabs” in facebook speak) that enable you to access many of your favorite WeMakeItSafer tools directly from within facebook. Now, you can keep up with the [...]

Don’t put off safety any longer. Take five minutes right now to protect your family.


Items I Own checks your belongings against thousands of recalled products at once, then keeps checking every item, every day, so you don’t have to. In only a few short weeks since its release, Items I Own is proving to be a hit as consumers learn about its ability to save them time and bring [...]

WeMakeItSafer Launches “Items I Own” to Protect Consumers from Product Recalls


Yes, it’s true.  We have removed the private registration code requirement on Items I Own.  It is FREE and available to the public here: What is Items I Own?  It is an incredible tool for consumers, schools, hospitals and childcare facilities that checks belongings against past recalls, then monitors them for future safety problems.  [...]

WeMakeItSafer Launches New Technology to Protect Consumers From Product Recalls

WeMakeItSafer Launches New Technology to Protect Consumers From Product Recalls

New technology by WeMakeItSafer addresses 38-year problem with product recall system that has resulted in thousands of preventable injuries and deaths. BERKELEY, Calif., Feb. 9, 2011 (PRNewswire) A new tool by WeMakeItSafer called Items I Own™ ( will bridge the gap in communication between manufacturers and consumers, addressing a problem that has made recalls largely [...]

WeMakeItSafer 2010: Year in Review

WeMakeItSafer 2010: Year in Review

As 2010 comes to a close, all of us at WeMakeItSafer want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the incredible support we have received.  It has been a busy and productive year that has served to lay the foundation for great things to come in 2011.  What follows is a recap of [...]

Help Keep Your Friends Safe

Help Keep Your Friends Safe

It is now a whole lot easier to help keep your friends and family safe. If you see a recalled product on the WeMakeItSafer site that you think someone you know might own, simply click on it to view the detailed product information page. There, you will find two buttons that make sharing on facebook [...]

Overpublicizing Product Recalls Hurts Consumers

Overpublicizing Product Recalls Hurts Consumers

It’s a bold statement that needs some qualifying, but the evidence is mounting – over-coverage of product recalls may damage recall effectiveness, putting consumers at greater risk for injury. It is a problem referred to as “recall fatigue,” and it occurs when a consumer quite literally gets tired of hearing about recalls. With the passing [...]

New Buttons Make Product Recall Monitoring Even Simpler


We are happy to announce the addition of “I Own a Similar Item” buttons to the WeMakeItSafer site. You will find these buttons in our Recall Gallery, on Product Search results, and on our Recalled Product Detail pages. The purpose of the button is to give users another, quick way to add items they own [...]

WeMakeItSafer Launches Private Beta

WeMakeItSafer Launches Private Beta

It all started with frustration, and the idea to make a change.  Hundreds of millions of products discovered by manufacturers and government agencies to be dangerous remain in consumers’ homes, causing thousands of preventable injuries and deaths every year. It is an unacceptable problem to the founders of WeMakeItSafer, who set out two years ago [...]

Safety Matters Is Moving to

For the past year I have been writing the Safety Matters blog for WeMakeItSafer, Inc., a company I founded to address problems with consumer product safety and recalls.  The support has been tremendous – 10,000 readers have stopped by to gain information on product safety laws, recall news and safety tips. Now that WeMakeItSafer has [...]

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Here’s where to find information about me, Jennifer P. Toney: Brief Bio: About WeMakeItSafer: Profile on Linkedin: Contact: Jennifer [at] WeMakeItSafer [dot] com

Laying the Foundation for a Product Information and Monitoring Company

While this blog is new, my interest in consumer product recalls and safety information is not. My first encounter with a product recall was in the mid 1990’s when, as a litigation consultant, I was assigned to a product recall case. My job was to calculate the cost of conducting the recall, from pulling the [...]

What is

Since our site has not officially launched yet, I get this question a lot. is a startup that builds collaboration among consumers, manufacturers and retailers around issues of product safety. Through its shopping tools and monitoring services, protects consumers from unknowingly purchasing, using, selling or giving away potentially harmful products, such as those [...]

Welcome to the Safety Matters Blog

This is the first step on what I anticipate will be an informative and entertaining blog-journey. Although I will likely ponder ‘aloud’ on many topics about which I am passionate – safety, the environment, education, parenting, etc. – my main focus will be product safety. Initially, I plan to cover a handful of pertinent issues, [...]

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