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Don't let unsafe products put your business at risk.

Items I Own saves you time while keepig you safe.

The law says you have to check for recalls. It doesn't say it can't be FAST.

There are hundreds-of-millions of recalled products floating around out there, and it is illegal to sell any of them, anywhere in the US. Stop flipping through binders or repeatedly searching online; WeMakeItSafer does the work for you.

Simply CheckTM compares your items to the last thirteen years of CPSC recalls at once then monitors daily for new problems, so you can spend your time building your business, not checking for recalls.


Recall Check Report

Know at a glance which items may have been recalled.

Once Simply CheckTM scans your item, the recall status will appear in your Recall Check Report. If Simply CheckTM suspects a problem, just click to review potentially relevant recalls.

If you determine the item was in fact recalled, Simply CheckTM will tell you what to do so you can fix the problem.

Items that have not been recalled are issued a WeMakeItSafer Safety Seal.


WeMakeItSafer Safety Seal WeMakeItSafer Safety Seal

WeMakeItSafer Safety Seals tell your customers that you are responsible and care about their safety.

When so many of your customers' favorite products, from baby gear and toys to appliances and sports gear, are recalled each year, it creates doubt and suspicion, especially if the item is secondhand or out-of-season.

Whether you embed a clickable seal into an online listing, or you print a sticker to place on the item, WeMakeItSafer Safety Seals and their linked Verification Certificates prove to consumers that you checked for recalls. Then, simple buttons on each certificate let you transfer future recall alerts to the new owner.

Recall Verification Certificate

Verification certificates offer proof, and enable you to transfer future recall alerts to the new owner.

When a buyer clicks an online seal or enters an Item # at, she will see a certificate that proves you checked the item for recalls.

Then, with a click of a button, she can add the item to her own WeMakeItSafer account, where it will be monitored for future recalls for free.

With WeMakeItSafer Safety Seals and Verification certificates, you have a simple way to offer an extremely valuable service to your customers, at no cost to you.