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Don't let unsafe products put your family at risk.

Items I Own saves you time while keepig you safe.

Items I OwnTM will check your items against thousands of recalls at once.

Government officials and safety experts tell us that, in order to be safe, we must check all our items for product recalls. Hundreds of items against thousands of recalls. Seriously? That would take weeks!

Items I OwnTM checks your items against the last ten years of CPSC recalls at once. Then, it keeps checking every day. How’s that for saving you time!


Items I Own can check your items whether old, new, gift or used.

No matter where you got it, or how long you've had it, Items I OwnTM Can check it.

You probably don't remember exactly where you got most things in your home, or how much they cost. That's OK. Items I OwnTM is smart!

Just tell us what you do know and, by magic (ok, it's really some complex mathematics), Items I OwnTM will sniff out the recalls relevant to you.


Items I Own shows you your item's recall status on your "My Items" page

Know at a glance which items could be dangerous.

Once Items I OwnTM checks your items, their recall status will appear on your "My Items" page. If Items I OwnTM suspects a problem, just click to review potentially relevant recalls.

If your item was recalled, Item I OwnTM will tell you how to fix it or get a replacement.